Monday, July 11, 2016

Design Wall Monday

Not much time was spent in the sewing room last week. We did a mini vacation/road trip to Neah Bay, Washington so Ernie could go out salmon fishing. Not the best catching trip he's been on but he sure has a good time fishing. I spent some of my time stitching this partial rosette for Millefiore. (And knitting and reading and movie watching.)

I had to stop at the last 2 hexies on the left when I discovered my dark blue fabric 
was too skimpy so I finished it at home.

This little one was fun to sit down and get finished last night.

Rosette 12b is the TaaDah!
The final rosette to do.
I started with the greens, then found the butterflies 
so my selections will probably change once I get back to it.
When this one is finished,
I'll have 5 partial rosettes to sew to the Mother Ship and 
then start the fill ins for the border 
as soon as I figure out what fabric to use for that!
Pretty excited!!!

The sewing machine is starting to feel lonely.
I have some serious plans for her this week. 

Check out what's happening at Patchwork Times.
Oh Judy L, that quilt top is fabulous!!!


Charlene S said...

Don't let your sewing machine get too lonely. Beautiful slow stitching work. I am getting excited to see the end result.

Ramona said...

Your hexies are beautiful! Glad you are getting out and using your converted bus. Road trips are the best.

Mary said...

Nice to have a project to take along. Yea for the last Rosette! Have fun getting reacquainted with your motorized machines this week.

Quilter Kathy said...

Poor poor neglected sewing machine... it will want to find a new home if you keep ignoring the poor thing! LOL

Gari in AL said...

I am looking forward to seeing what you are doing with your hexies. They just don't seem to hold an interest for me. However knitting didn't used to hold interest either and now it is so different.