Monday, April 11, 2016

Design Wall Monday

I spent some time this week working on my Splendid Sampler blocks. I have the 2 embroidery blocks to finish and the new block from Sunday and I'll be all caught up. Hopefully before the new block comes out on Thursday.

I got my first t-shirt finished. I still need to teak the pattern just a bit but I really like this one. It has a black back. Like I said before, that pile of knits is going to be use up. Mixing fabrics has never been a problem for me. LOL

I also worked my scrap problem...I was looking for a certain piece of fabric and while digging, I decided to make a pile of cut it up fabric. So there are new tumblers, strips and strings along with enough backing squares for another quilt as you go string quilt. With the Sampler blocks, several sets of 2 tumblers were sewn together waiting to be mixed in with the new fabrics.

It was a good week in the sewing room. See what others are working on at Patchwork Times. I was quite excited to see Judy L is sewing again.


Charlene S said...

I love the colors of your "Splendid Sampler." DGD#4 would love those. I too am glad that Judy L is sewing again. That boot is darling.

Ramona said...

Boy, your lime green and black blocks just POP!! Wonderful! Good for you and your scrap using goals. I am enjoying seeing what you create.

Mary said...

Cute Shirt! Glad you got your stitching in. Cutting scraps is always a good thing. What fabric were you searching for? I can't get Judy's blog page to load up this am to Link. :( Have a great week.

Nann said...

Love the lime + black combination. Garment sewing . . . I recall doing that!

Julie said...

I do love your lime and black combo! Great job on the shirt! My scrap bin is VERY full and I have tons of pieces precut. I decided to solve the scrap problem by giving them all away. A friend LOVES to take them off my hands and her daughter sorts them all out and she actually uses them!