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Monday, April 04, 2016

Design Wall Monday

Since my grand plan for April is focused on new t-shirts for myself. 
 I was contemplating (procrastinating) on how to perfect the fit of my shirt 
and decided to squeeze in some piecing time.
After all, when I get into full blown t-shirt mode, 
there will be no sewing anything else.
You understand that focus thing, right?!?

I don't really have anything going at the moment so I pulled out my tumbler leaders/enders bin.
I gave my progress the once over and remembered someone said 
they were doing a border with their darks.
So I got out my seam ripper,
made myself a little add on room and got busy.

I needed more variety so I got out a stack of I want it gone fabric and started cutting.
In the process of cutting, I added lots more pieces to my string bin.
That's a good thing.
I also learned just how sharp those blades are in the dies.
That wasn't a good thing.

I got a bit more life out of this cutting mat 
and then I heard it snap.
It's now waiting for the garbage man to take it to it's new home.
Thank goodness I had another one to use.
I need to add a new one to my shopping list.

When I took my bins in to put them away,
I had to sit down and sew just for a little while.
I now have a nice long string of tumbler pairs to press. 
I love a good leader/ender project gone awry. 

Next up at the Go cutter is this pile of I want it gone fabrics.
What will they become???
I probably will cut tumblers from some of them
and I have an apple core die that needs to be used again
and of course, I will create more strings.

What's on your design wall? I'm headed to Patchwork Times 
this morning to see what others are working on.


The Joyful Quilter said...

You are SEW far ahead of me in the Tumbler rage!! I did cut some pieces, but that's as far as I got. I looks like yours is coming together nicely.

Mary said...

I have a mat for each of my Dies so I hope I don't have to replace mine any too soon. I need to get mine out and cut some scraps. They are still Multiplying in the QuiltZone. Happy Times on a Monday

Sheila said...

Love your tumbler quilt in progress. Sorry to hear you found out how sharp your blades were :(
You have been busy this week. I need to get to sewing.

AnnieO said...

Your endless cycle is admired! I do not use my GO cutter as often as I should. Someday I may save strings but for now, I haven't the time or energy to save yet another type of scrap :) Have fun with the "gone" pile!