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Monday, June 22, 2015

Design Wall Monday

The Hunting Club had it's annual picnic this weekend.
The elk quilt has a new home with our friend JR.
I was almost in tears by his reaction.
Funny thing is, earlier he had thanked me for making "his quilt". 
Imagine our shock when his name was called.
He said he knew he would be taking it home with him,
He's so cute!!!

I am redoing the center block of Rosette 1 for my Millefiore quilt.

The second hexi group for round 2 is being basted.

My sewing machine time was dedicated to mending this week.
Taylor needed her swimsuit repaired.
Those things are so expensive and so cheaply made!
Gramma did a good mend on this one.
There were a few other things that needed attention.
Mending is done for a while!

I worked on block 25 for my Castle Wall quilt.
I've been dedicating some time to these blocks
while I sneak in some Millefiore blocks.
I need to kit up a few more,
this is the last one I had ready.

Grab a cuppa something and
see fabulous design walls today at Patchwork Times.


Churn Dash said...

How wonderful that a friend won the quilt, it looks wonderful. I'm guessing it's one of the BQ series.

I hate mending, but sometimes I can be persuaded to do it.


Ramona said...

Your friend is so cute! How excited he looks in front of his prize. Your Millefiore block is beautiful. I love the swirly fabric.

Annie said...

JR has got to be the happiest quilt winner in history! That is so awesome and such a good feeling to know your quilt couldn't be any more loved than it will be with JR. Love your quilt progresses.

Quilter Kathy said...

Ah.... so wonderful that your quilt found a loving home! What a great photo of the new owner.. makes every minute of quiltmaking so worthwhile!

Mary said...

Great reaction to WINNING! We do all we can to keep the grandkids happy, right? Good job Grandma. Keep up with all your fun Handwork. I should start something between the Retreats & road trips this Summer, LOL.

Bonnie said...

Yea for a happy winner! It does a quilter's heart good to see someone who really appreciates all the work that went into the quilt. Gack -- mending. Not if I can help it. No doubt I have many a button to sew on clothes but as long as there is one button left holding up my pants I'm ok! (Now, when the second button drops off...I'll sew some more on!)

Melinda said...

I am taking a class from Mickey Dupre on Saturday to hand piece Castle Wall blocks. Love yours.

Mary said...

Doesn't it make you feel good when one of your quilts is received with such excitement! Your hexagon projects are looking good too.