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Monday, June 01, 2015

Design Wall Monday

It's hard to stay focused and be in the sewing room when it's been so nice outside. Sometimes I just want to go out and look around or sit with a cup of coffee and take in the silence-then a car goes by and brings reality back into focus. Because I'm so easily sidetacked, it's taken me a few days to get to the binding stage of this quilt. I posted on Wednesday about being having everything ready to pin baste. I had planned a trip to Costco but decided to stay home and get this basted and start the quilting. It was lots more fun than a trip to town. (Costco did happen yesterday--yes on Sunday, with the husband!! Thank goodness that's done!)

I'm happy to say the binding is on and I've started sewing it down.  On a child's quilt, I like to sew the binding to the back and flip it to the front to machine stitch down.

Who is this for? You'll just have to wait to find out the answer to that. Mostly because I'm not sure yet. wink, wink 

Next up for quilting is another UFO. I'm now in quilting mode again so I'm trying to do 2 UFOs and then a new quilt that won't become a UFO. We'll soon see how that works for me!!

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Ramona said...

I've never tried sewing binding on from the back to the front. It sounds like something that will need to be done on a future quilt! Yay! for finished quilts.

Mary said...

Works in Progress is much better than the dreaded UFO pile. Congrats on getting this one DONE. Secret recipient, huh??

Bonnie said...

I, too, like to sew binding to the back and then machine stitch on the front. I can get it done so much faster that way. Yea for hitting the UFO pile. I'm hitting the UFO pile to finish some tops. Some how I need to also get some stuff quilted! I'll use your example as an inspiration! LOL.