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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Wednesday Work

Yesterday I proved to myself that I should not go back to bed after Ernie leaves. I wake up feeling like I have a hang over which I haven't had in so many years that I can't remember when it was. (One of those life lessons.) It seems like everything I did turned out wrong. I made a backing for the Framed 9 Patch quilt top and when I was finished and folding, it looked wrong. I measured it and yikes!!! Who read that tape measure?? I walked away.

When I went outside to do some things, I locked the door. Why? I don't know! After the panic was over, I went to the front door and it was unlocked. Time to hide a key outside. I hope I can remember where I hide it. Later in the day, I was reaching for a jar of brown sugar, dropped it and broke it all over.  See what I mean!!  About the only thing I did right yesterday was make a good dinner-if you don't count the under seasoned rice. 

This morning I decided to get an early start on things.  I went in to the sewing room and fixed the backing. I then pieced some batting scraps.  Next I decided how I want to quilt this and wrote it on my note for this quilt. I pulled out my threads and wound some bobbins.  It is now ready for the basting table later today.

Binding Friends has been cancelled for today. BooHiss.  I decided I need to go to Costco and this would be a good day since I had already planned to be gone.  My list is ready.  Now I need to get ready.

It's 8 am here and this has already been a good Wednesday Work day. Let's all cross our fingers that it continues to be.


Chris said...

I know what you mean about going back to bed. Unless you did not get into it the first time until 2. I was in mine by 9 last night and forced myself to stay there until my husband left the house at 5 to milk the cows.

Julie said...

I totally have days like that and yesterday was one of those. I could barely get up at six and had to go to work and the students were wound up after the long weekend and on the count down until school gets out. I cut out a quilt and totally messed it up. Today I was able to rectify it thankfully. The puppy dug up some of my new flowers, then piddled in the house. Yep, fun times!

scraphappy said...

Some days are just like that. It always gets better though. The quilt is so bright and happy. Hopefully it will finish up smoothly after the border problems.

Mary said...

Now I understand your FB post. Glad you had a better day today. I had to recuperate from my Monday! Holiday with DH home is WORK! I wanted to sew all day.