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Saturday, May 09, 2015

Friday Fun

Sometimes I need to take a Judy Day and do whatever I want to do. Friday was that day for me. I needed to play. I love Bonnie's A Little Bit Hexi! mini and knew this is how I would spend my day. You know I love all things hexi and as soon as I saw this, I knew I would make one. Today the binding will go on. I would have loved to use the dark brown batik for binding but these fabrics came out of the batik scrap bin (and I believe all these batiks were gifted to me by my friend Sharlene) and there was only that one hunk of dark brown. I auditioned several pieces and settled on the background fabric for the binding.

I love sewing gadgets and since May is my birthday month and I celebrate all month long with little gifts to myself, I recently gifted me with the Fabulous Fabric Glide.  I saw it on someone's blog and checked it out. I'm willing to try almost anything to make free motion quilting easier for me and my shoulders.  I love this gadget! It has grippy feet on the underside. 2 sizes come in the box. It is easy to use and to move and it makes me stop and adjust. I used the small one with my Morse machine and it worked great!!! I didn't use it with the walking foot, that was on the machine when I took the picture. I wonder how it would work while guiding the fabric with the walking foot on...something to try out!

Here's a short YouTube video. I  bought mine from Amazon. I buy a lot from Amazon because my friendly UPS man brings things right to my door so I don't have to leave my house and search for things in stores.  Oh how I wish I enjoyed shopping sometimes. Well sometimes I do but mostly I don't.

I just had another thought-I know--scary! I do have a Sewing Mate extension table surrounding my machine so I went in and set the small frame on the bed of the machine.  Your machine will need to be in a cabinet or have an extension table of some kind to use these glides or you will have a very small quilting area.  Can you tell I really like these?!?!

Today will be an Ernie Day as he has a list of errands.  I call this a Judy Day in Disguise because there will be riding and waiting and knitting will happen today. Win, win!!  I might even have him stop at a quilt shop so I can find a nice dark brown for binding!   Another win for me.

Monday morning update:

I finished this Sunday morning. I had the brown in my stash. It isn't batik but it doesn't matter to me, the background isn't batik either. I love how it looks with the brown binding and so happy I didn't choose the cream.  I can't wait to hang it on the wall!

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Mary said...

HAHAHA, You sneaky one. Have a great week-end. The hexies are very tempting. Chanting "I can't start anything NEW"