Monday, February 23, 2015

Design Wall Monday

While at the beach last week, I set myself up a sewing station.
I brought along 2 bags of fabric pieces and Pineapple Crazy papers.
I completed 5 blocks and started 5 more.

Here is my sewing station.
The table is too high, the chair is too tall.
I am not complaining. 
I sewed at the beach. 
All was right in my vacation world.

While out thrifting one day, Ernie spots this gem.
She is a New Home 443 single stitch.
Made in Japan by Janome.
I'm guessing early 60's.
She needs a spring for the pressure foot lifter bar but
other than that, after drinking up oil,
she sews a great stitch.

A few days before we left I had basted and started quilting this quilt.
My version on Bonnie Hunter's Sister's Choice
Pattern found on her free patterns page.
With Ernie on his 2nd week of vacation,
I'm doubting much will get done here,
but with a few minutes here and I should make a bit of progress.

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Mary said...

How nice of your Hubby to tell you to pack your Sewing for a Beach Vacation. It's still too cold on the Oregon Coast to go in the water, or did you??? The Vintage find is very cool! What a guy you have to aid in your Vintage Sewing machine collecting

Ramona said...

Your pineapple blocks are looking great! That is a bucket list quilt for me. One day... You had the perfect vacation... beach and quilting!!

Chris Forster said...

I recall taking along my machine as I tagged along on my husbands business trips. Most hotel rooms now have irons and boards. I set the machine into the top drawer of the dresser so it was not so high. Now I prepare and take along several hand applique blocks and a portable light.

Sue Daurio said...

Ahhhh, quilting at the beach, does it get any better than that? Great pineapple blocks.

Kathy's A Quilter said...

I so agree...quilting at the idea of a holiday!!!