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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Design Wall Monday on Sunday Evening

There is nothing on the design wall this week.  I've basted one of the Scrappy Sister's Choice tops and have started quilting it. But I'm taking a few days off and headed to the beach for a few days.

I've packed the suitcases, the clam digging stuff is loaded and the sewing stuff is packed and ready to go.

In this bag is my leopard print ironing board, a bag of reds, a bag of neutrals, a bag of colored scraps and papers for Pineapple Crazy.  If I tire of those, I have phone book pages cut to size for neutral string blocks for another project.

In my rolling tote, the top bin contains all the sewing supplies I might need.  I had a lot of doubles in my sewing room so I filled up my cart with the seconds and bought the extras. It's nice not having to remember if I packed this or that.  I haven't needed anything that wasn't in my bin. Let's hope that continues.

The bottom holds my featherweight with foot control and power cord, small iron, power strip and an Ott light.  Everything I need. I hope. One good thing, there is a fabulous quilt shop right close by. Just in case.....

I'm pretty excited for this little vacation. I even said maybe I didn't need to take my machine and hubby laughed and asked why I wouldn't. He knows me pretty well.


Mary said...

A beach Retreat sounds so fun! Enjoy!!!

Susan said...

Have fun....... Be safe

Kaja said...

Enjoy your break. :-)

The Joyful Quilter said...

Wow! That rolling cart (all packed with duplicate tools) is a GREAT idea! Hope you have fun on your getaway. So lucky that you DH knows you so well and realizes how important your quilting is!