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Thursday, January 08, 2015

The Caste Wall Project

All last year I have watched Mickey Depre work her Castle Wall blocks. She posted them to Facebook quite often. I loved them but didn't have time for another hand work project.  After finishing the hand stitching on Circle of Jewels, I needed a new project.

I had great intentions to start this quite a while ago and ordered the templates, only to have to them sit and age.  While moving some stuff around the other day, I stumble on to a fat quarter pack and thought they would be perfect to use to start Castle Wall.

Every Wednesday, I try to make it to my sewing group.....Binding Friends.  I decided this would be a good project to work on this year.  So this is block 1.  I have 3 more kitted up ready to stitch.  I've also pulled a few more fabrics to add to this.

For more information on Mickey's Castle Wall-The Block & Quilt, go to her website.  She has a tab with all her information.  I can't wait to work on block 2.

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Mary said...

I've been admiring pictures of this block online too. This is a great start.