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Sunday, January 04, 2015

Design Wall Monday

Last week, after catching up with Grand Illusion Mystery clues, I pulled out Pieced Hexies and decided it was time to get this one finished.  I've stalled long enough!  I sat down at the machine and pieced the back and then it was on to basting.

While pin basting this 80" x 80" quilt using a banquet table, my sweet kittens thought I had made them a fabulous play fort. While playing, one of them snagged my fabric. Of course it's the fabric that I had used every single little inch of.

After whining to my Facebook friends, I decided to find a piece of kitty fabric and create a hexi applique to cover the hole. 

This was started October 2013 and the final border was put on just a few weeks ago. Granddaughter Taylor picked most of the hexi fabric combinations from Fairy Frosts and other sparkly fabrics that was gifted to me by my friend Sharlene. These were the perfect fabrics to use for a teen girl!  The hexi designs came from the books Pieced Hexies and Pieced Hexies Deux by Mickey Depre. I loved everything about making this quilt. Mostly I loved the bond I have with my granddaughter over our love of fabrics, quilts and each other.

I am having a blast quilting this. Cross hatching through the 9 patches, fun swirls through the hexies with echo quilting around the outside. I'm stuck on the outside border. I started something but wasn't happy with it so it's now pulled out. I'll get it figured out.

Monday's work will include removing the center marks from the hexies, quilt the border, trim and put on the binding. Then I can start putting Grand Illusion together.

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Mary said...

It's been fun to see this one being sewn by hand and now getting the finishing touches under your needle. My Grand Illusion is having interruptions as well.

Susan said...

Delightful fix...... Now that quilt has a memory attached that will make you smile everytime you look at it...............

Congratulations on the finish..

Ramona said...

Great way to fix your kitty spot. They wanted to be represented in this quilt, I guess! Looking forward to seeing this finished. Great quilt!

AnnieO said...

Whining is sometimes a necessary part of quilting! Looking great, love the variety of sparkly fabrics :)

Chris said...

The kitty solution is perfect!

Bonnie said...

Are you sure you shouldn't have been wining about the kitties also. What a great solution though. I can envision folks in 50 years going, why did she put that cat on this great quilt? It is a wonderful quilt and I look forward to the picture of your completed top!