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Friday, September 19, 2014

National Sewing Month-Day 18...

...And Retreat Report-Day 1

As usual, retreat is a blast! It is so much fun to spend this time with old friends and make new friends and finally meet online friends (Hey Mel!!!) I spent a good share of the day doing the TahDah. Each time a block was finished a TahDah was said. Yes, we are easily entertained.

I started the year out with good intentions. I made 2 blocks for the Wishes Quilt Along, put it away and when that happened, I was lost. Once in a while I would print the blocks to catch up but it just didn't happen. The other day I came across the bin and decided enough was enough. I finished printing the block instructions I needed and started cutting. My plan was to work on these 7 blocks at retreat and not stop until I had them all finished.  I am now caught up and can't wait to make the remaining blocks.  Another project to mark off the list.

All the while 9 patch leader/ender blocks were being made. I must have my leader/enders!

Next I pulled out my Pineapple Crazy.  One border block was made and half a pineapple block before I couldn't sew another stitch so called it a night. I came home and had a quick conversation with Ernie-who was asleep--sorry babe-and spent some time with the dogs and kittens before I went off into dreamland.

When I forget things, I send myself an email. 3 messages have been read and things gathered for another day a sewing, laughing and having fun. Today is more Pineapple Crazy and a group bag making project. This is going to be fun!!!


Sheila said...

Love, love, LOVE your Wishes blocks. I'm anxious to see my Wishes quilt come together in December, too.
Sounds like retreat is a riot of fun. Looking forward to seeing your other projects : )

Mary said...

I hope you have lots of fun making the bags together. Sounds like it! Hug Mel for me TOO! She's SEW great to have at Retreats! I'm off to the Quilt Festival!

Suzanne said...

I love retreats and Fests....gets the creative juices flowing again. Your blocks are beautiful!

Melissa said...

I just love those blocks, so bright and cheerful! After watching you with the pineapple crazy blocks... I ALMOST thought about starting that one too. NO! :) Maybe. Never say never. Now I'm on to find those pointy pieces to go with the small little hexies :) I'd say you were a bad influence, but "bad" is so subjective that it probably isn't the right word! LOL!

Cathy Tomm said...

Retreat time is the best. Love the fabrics you using in your blocks.