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Monday, September 29, 2014

Design Wall Monday...

...National Sewing Month-Days 27-29

I haven't sat in front of the sewing machine since I finished this top on Friday.  But I have been sewing up a storm on Circle of Jewels.  This photo is from September 15th. 2 weeks ago and I have finished row 3 and I'm halfway into row 4-the halfway row. I'm kind of excited!!  I'm hoping for a nice day this week so I can lay it out on the grass and get a good picture.

Each day of September I have sewed and National Sewing Month is soon over-I'm going to miss this challenge to myself but Soctober starts and knitting socks will be my obsession. It's a good thing I have some in progress. That will give my brain a head start. LOL

Last week my plans were:
  • Recover from retreat and babysitting. :0)  Sort of!
  • Get all retreat stuff put away.  Again, sort of.
  • Tell It To The Stars  No
  • Friends and Companions block for the week.  Yes -- I tried to take a picture but I think my camera is toasted.
This week I hope to:
  • Finish Tell It To The Stars
  • Pin baste a quilt
  • Next block for Wishes, work of border and sashing
  • Next step for Friends and Companions
That's enough.  See what everyone has on their design walls at Patchwork Times.

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Mary said...

So sorry your camera is being naughty. Phone camera? Sound like a Monday! I'm liking your Jewels.