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Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Sweet Surprises

On Monday, I set a few goals for myself for the week.
On Tuesday, I crossed one of them off.
Today I started cutting my blocks for Tell It To The Stars.
I am such a procrastinator!
I am not happy about that!

Last week I printed the instructions and as they come off the printer,
I picked them up and stapled them together.
I didn't even check to see if everything printed.
I love that my printer prints the last page first.

This morning it's all quiet
 (meaning the kittens are taking a nap!)
and a good time to cut some fabric.
I cut blocks for 3 months
(Yes! I am that far behind!)
 and pulled out the June instructions.
I was reading them and this is what I found on page 3.

When the grands are here and want to draw, 
they get paper from the printer.
When they leave, I put the paper they didn't color on back in the tray.
I missed this paper in the stack and I'm glad I did.

2 1/2 year old Corbin likes markers and he drew Gramma a picture.
He must have put it back in the pile of papers for me to find.
Totally made my morning!

Back to cutting,
3 months kitted, 3 months to go!
I know once these are all cut and ready to go, 
I'll want to sit down and sew like a mad woman!
Who knows,
I might be caught up before the next clue.


Mary said...

I'm having a Grands week here. Not much sewing/quilting going on. Grandma's too tired to stay up after they are asleep. How fun for you to find a drawing today. :)

Donna M said...

That is so sweet. What a wonderful surprise!

Kristie said...

Precious! :) I am a big procrastinator! Can't wait to see your quilt progress!