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Saturday, June 07, 2014

Quilting Time Leads To A Finish

Here is my 60th birthday present to myself. 
My word of the year is Celebrate and boy have I been.
I absolutely love this machine! 
My chuckle--I was telling Denise about getting it 
and how disappointed I was that there was no light.
I think she thinks I'm nuts. 
She told me where the button is-on the side face above the needle.
Dorkie me!

I like to free motion quilt with gloves on.
These are plain ole garden gloves and
they work great because they have that rubber grippy stuff on them.
Those little red things on the end of the pins?
Those are called Pinmoor
and I wonder where they have been all my quilting life!
I'll be buying more of those.
No more puncture wounds on my arms when using straight pins.

Today's quilting time lead to the finish of the Elk quilt for the hunting club's annual picnic raffle.
I'm hoping there will be lots of arguing and bickering and ticket purchasing for this.

Next up is Mae's Flower Garden. 
I'm in the zone.


Mary said...

What a great birthday gift to yourself! Congrats on the finish.

Cathy said...

Happy birthday, and what a wonderful present to yourself! My 60th is coming up soon, too.

barbara woods said...

Happy birthday, i bought the very same one for my 72 birthday last nov.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to know that "you've seen the light" :-)