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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

My Day With Bonnie

 Monday Bonnie Hunter was in Portland, OR. A group of friends made the trip across the Columbia River (it wasn't that much of a trip!) to attend her Cathedral Stars Class.  Thank you Northwest Quilters for having openings in the class for our group of 8. I cannot even tell you what a fun day we had. There are no words. :)

I have "known" Bonnie forever. I started making her designs from the beginning of Quiltville. It was a real celebrity moment for me when I finally got to meet her. Big hugs and smiles from both of us.

(Imagine my surprise when I was this post!!!)

These are my completed blocks from class. I have lots of parts and pieces ready to get this all together. Bonnie was surprised I hadn't made it before. I've had it book marked forever but other things got in the way.

Bonnie is taking the walk of blocks. Such a great variety of color. Thank you Bonnie for making our day special.  If you ever get the chance to meet Bonnie and see her trunk show, run to it as fast as you can. You will not be sorry, you will be inspired and raring to dive into your scraps and create.


Granny said...

So glad you and your friends were able to go. Bonnie is an amazing quilter and an amazing lady!

Mary said...

I know how bad you wanted to see her last year and didn't get to. YEA!!! for the open spots in the class!!!
She is such a great teacher and I'll never forget my time with her. How many of your Bonnie Quilts did you take for Show and Share??? Can't wait to see them on Quiltville!

Marie said...

sounds like a fabulous day!

fancystitching said...

So wonderful! I know you had a blast and got lots done, too. So how many "Bonnie" quilts have you made? I know there are quite a few judging from what you have posted on your blog.

Diane said...

yeah for you! Saw Bonnie's trunk show a few years back. I completely agree-any chance to see her -do.

Mary K said...

It was so cool seeing you there. It is weird seeing my work on someone else's blog. (Mine had the pink stars and shirting squares. I broght the really small hexies.)