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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

It's A Tiny Tuesday Christmas

Merry Christmas

I hope however you spend your day, it is filled with love and joy.

We are having a very white Christmas morning. It's so peaceful and pretty outside right now.  All is calm........

My week was very easy.  This year only a few of my gifts were handmade so I took my sewing time and worked on some Midget Blocks.

Block 14 is called Gem Block.
I used EQ7 to recreated this simple paper pieced block.

Block 15 is a string block.
I used EQ7 for this too so all my strips would match up.
It was so much fun to use up some strips from the scrap bin.

Block 16 was a nightmare for me.
First I have the colors in the opposite places.
Then there are a couple of frinkles...those are staying.
Maybe they will quilt out. Maybe they won't.
I'm living with it the way it is.
I am not making another one of these, ever!
I love it just the way it is.

I am looking forward to block 17. 
It's the airplane block.
I have resisted making this block from the start as it may
be my favorite block in the whole quilt.
It's laying on the cutting mat patiently waiting it's turn.
I'm trying to do the blocks in order but now that I think about it,
I'm wondering why???

Have a wonderful day, however you celebrate it.


Nancy said...

I woke to a Winter Wonderland (3 inches), and it is beautiful. No outside activity in my neighborhood, so it is very peaceful scene.

Your tiny blocks must be a delight to sew because they are certainly cute.

Teresa in Music City said...

LOL!!! I'm laughing because that's exactly what I would be saying too Judy - "it's staying!" It looks perfectly fine to me :*) I really love the string block - all those colors and they match up perfectly!

I hope your Christmas has been filled with blessings!

Amy said...

LOL. I can't help but giggle at your Block 16 comments. I remember that monster too!
You did it!