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Friday, August 17, 2012

On The Needles

I am pleased to say that sock 1 for June 12 in 2012 Challenge is complete and sock 2 is just past the ribbing.  I spent some time Friday and Saturday in the passenger seat so I got lots of knitting done on sock 1.  Early Saturday morning, I decided to finish it and cast on sock 2.  Poor thing hasn't been touched until today when I took it out of the bag for the picture.

I decided it would be fun to show what is in my to go bag.  Since I switched over to the long circular needle, I don't have my 7" DPNs to measure with so I put in this cute little blue tape measure.  It has already come in quite handy!  A knitter needs the emery board, markers and scissors.  I like the Fiskar school scissors for my projects bag--cheap, sharp and small--and my short DPNs for when I reach the toes.

I haven't spent much time watching tv in the evenings this week.  I have been in the sewing room instead or just to darn tired to pick up the needles.  I did make a little progress on these but not much.  I am finding them not very exciting and I really, really want to start the August pair.  I keep telling myself I will work on these for a while before I work on the others....   Do you make deals with yourself?  I already have the yarn and needles waiting........I just need to decide on which new technique or pattern to use with the new pair.

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Nancy said...

My knitting bag has nearly the same tools, but I also keep a small crochet hook for picking up dropped stitches

Annie said...

Love the socks and the love hate relationship you have with each pair! hahaha And yes, I make deals with myself...sometimes I win, sometimes not. :-)