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Sunday, August 05, 2012

Hand Stitching Sunday

Ms. Owl is complete.  Now she need a good pressing and turned into a pillow.

I started this little bird but haven't picked it up since Wednesday.
One of the gals at Binding Friends told me she uses a FriXion pen to trace her designs.
The ink from these pens disappear when ironed.
I decided to try it on this piece.
Good thing I remembered before ironing out that crease!

What are you stitching???
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Pokey said...

Another cute bird in the creating process! I like the tummy on the owl, you left it as it was, right? I'm trying to decide if she has a shine on her beak, or a happy open mouthed smile.? Either way, she is a grand, happy bird!

Annie said...

Look at gorgeous Ms. Owl! Her new tummy is perfect! Very, very nice, Judy!

Quilter Kathy said...

Ms. Owl is bea-oooooooo-tiful!
I will be interested in your experience with the frixion pen...I see them everywhere for sale, but wonder if the marks will really come out 100%?
Thanks for linking up!

Nancy said...

Great job on the owl.

Have you considered putting some of your embroidery in a quilt?

Diane said...

that is the cutest owl! it will be a great pillow.

scraphappy said...

Such a happy owl. So glad you got him done. Looks like the birdie will be happy to join him.

Deb A said...

Love how the owl came out. The birdie looks like a cute one too.