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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Hand Stitching On Sunday

Only a little bit of progress on Ms. Owl.  
I had planned to work on her at group on Wednesday but plans change.
That's OK.  She isn't going to fly off any time soon.

I'm going to spend some time this morning reading about other hand stitching projects. 
They are linked up to here at Kathy's Quilts Hand Stitching On Sunday
I see hexies. 
I'm still resisting.
What are you hand sewing?


Nancy said...

Looking good!

Kate said...

Very pretty.

Quilter Kathy said...

Thanks for linking up Judy!
Nice to check in with Ms. Owl and see what she is up to...did you see Bea's adorable Owl pincushion??!!
I am resisting the hexies too...although I seem to have bought the supplies to start one! LOL

Cathy said...

It will be interesting to see how long your resistance to the hexies lasts. LOL!! I have a hexie project here that hasn't been out of it's bag in years. I like your owl. Is it part of a larger project?

Carrie P. said...

looking good. I have that same pattern.

fancystitching said...

Such beautiful embroidery, Judy! Do you have other blocks of this sort and will they be made into a quilt?

I've spent my afternoon hand-sewing also... hemming a quilt with scalloped edges. It is slow going but I am half-way done.

scraphappy said...

Love how the owl is turning out.