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Thursday, February 02, 2012

Pillow Fun

Yesterday at our sewing group, Marian gave me a 2 scrap pieces of polar fleece.  I'm not a fan of all the skull and cross bone fabrics that are out there.  They give me the heeby geebies.  But I know a 7 year old boy that would love them.  Instead of folding them up and putting them away this morning, I sewed them into this pillow cover.  I knew it needed a zipper so I found an old zipper and inserted it into the seam.

Anticipating a pretty good blog post, I had taken pictures of the fabric, the pillow form that I made and the finished pillow.  As I was looking to be sure the last photo was a good one, I see the message about no sd card..........therefore, no photos!  Dang.

I'm not going to take the form out of the pillow but I will tell you I took a piece of old fabric and some batting, sewed 2 24" square into pillow form that was stuffed with poly fiberfill-it takes a lot.  I didn't over stuff it because a fun pillow needs to be squishie.  Then I wrestled it to sew the top shut and stuffed it into the pillow covering.  Now it can be used and loved and when needed, washed.

Now I have no skull fabric in my stash, a nice hunk of batting scrap used up, a nice piece of old fabric out of the stash, one less old zipper and a fun gift for a cute boy.


Mary said...

I hate when the camera doesn't take the picture I thought I got... Nice gift Grandma. The things we do to keep the grands happy!

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Sounds like you accomplished a bunch of stash busting with one little pillow - how clever of you!! And it's cute, too!! ;))

Annie said...

Way to process that fleece gift before it went cold in the stash pile! Drat that camera!!!

Judy S. said...

Are you loving your swift and winder? It sure beats putting usin the back of a chair, or even DH! Cute pillow. Aren't you glad the snow is done?