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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Romping In A Winter Wonderland

Notice the little sunshine flag on the left??? I want to see a big ole happy sun shining from the sky. It doesn't even need to have cool sunglasses to make me happy. Even just a minute of sunshine. I love the snow, but enough already. I have never dreamed of a white Christmas but I am getting one. Really, I am not complaining No, I'm not. I'm warm and dry, except for an occasional potty trip outside! 6 more inches on the ground this morning and snowing again. I love the snow, I love the snow.

We made it through the night with no puddles. Tony is appearing to be a very smart little boy. He is training us quite well. He's already figured out when you go outside, come in and sit by the sink and you get a treat. He hasn't figured out his treat is a peice of his dog food.

Oh yeah, he is half Black Lab and half German Shorthair.

Have a great Christmas Eve.


Cherold said...

Tony is adorable!! Russ says Tony doesn't CARE if his treat is a piece of dog food...it is a TREAT!

Have a very Merry Christmas...:)



Sue said...

I have GRASS!! Green, WET grass!! Can you tell how happy I am? Tony is so darn cute. I can't wait to come down and meet him. Got my Bento Box blocks all done finally. I'm going to work on putting the top together today. I hate it when other projects get in the way of my favorite projects. *G* But I had to get the girl's Christmas presents done, so that took priority.
Love you
Sister Sue