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Friday, August 29, 2008

Hello, It's Me!

Yes, I am back from where I don't know. I just get busy with life and forget to post to my blog. Look at that garden. The tomatoes are taller than Taylor. She has such a blast going to the garden. She finds the elusive zucchinis, picks beans, pulls carrots and ripe tomatoes. Sonya, this is the same view as the picture in this post. Quite a difference isn't it??
I spent yesterday baking zucchini/blueberry bread for the freezer. Minus one loaf that Dee took home with her. Then Taylor tasted the bread, liked it but not too sure of the blueberries so I made another batch, made it into muffins, bagged them up for her to take home and put in the freezer so she could have some for breakfast before school. I hope she remembers to share with the rest of her family. :-)

Taylor spent the first part of this week with me while her parents went on a little vacation. So Taylor got to go with me to Marian's for Wednesday sewing time. Shadow, her little pomeranian, needs her own quilt for her crate. I found some flannel squares and Taylor designed and sewed this little quilt for Shadow. Then she played with Marian's dogs while Gramma quilted it. Needles to say, Shadow loves her little quilt. Taylor is considered to be our Sister Girlfriend and part of our group. I have such awesome friends!

Now I must get busy! See you when I see you.

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Unknown said...

Oh how I hate your dial up. You should just email me your pictures and let me post them for you. Geez a loooo.

Glad you updated though. Now it's my turn. Summer just seems too busy sometimes, huh?