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Friday, January 20, 2006

Dee's Christmas Quilt

This is the final Christmas quilt for 2005. It started with an online string block swap. I wanted to be an overachiever so I made my blocks while I was at work last winter. One day, I made 65 6" string blocks. I couldn't wait to get home and tell the group what I had accomplished that day. Before posting, I read the day's digest. The group had decided we should make our blocks with a 1" black strip down the center. I laughed so hard at myself that I cried. I am not an overachiever, I never will be. So I decided to set my blocks aside and make new blocks for the swap during the week. I would use all of them in a quilt.

After several months of aging, it was time to set the blocks into a quilt top. I placed them all on the design wall, moved them around, then started sewing. After several rows were sewn together, I got impatient and put the top back up on the wall. Eeegads! I didn't like this at all, the corners didn't form a black X!

I went to bed, woke up about 1 am and knew exactly what I had to do. I had to sew in some black corners on my plain blocks.

The corners aren't exact but neither am I. I used another of Jodi Beamish's pantographs called Rhapsody and lime green thread for the quilting.

Dee loved the quilt as soon as she saw it, whining that she wanted it. No, I am keeping it for myself, that is until she unwrapped it at Christmas. Pretty sneaky mom!

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