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Monday, January 04, 2016

Design Wall Monday and...

...Mystery Monday Link Up, The Reveal!

Not my reveal. I have nothing to reveal other than 2 stacks of blocks--with more blocks in various stages of construction.

There is a method to my madness. I work on 3 blocks at a time. Thursday night, after the clue was released, I sat and clipped block parts together. I tried to keep from having the same golds in a block. That didn't happen though, I didn't have a huge selection of fabrics so that prevented that from happening. It also meant that each block had to be laid out with like golds being kitty-corner from each other.

This is the first time I have laid my blocks side by side. I wanted to just make them, press them and stack them until all the parts were ready to lay out on the bed.  I couldn't believe the restraint I had. I was focused on blocks, that's all.

I should have been more focused on pressing. All of these 4 patches had to have the center seam unpicked and the seams sewn the correct way. I knew I should have double checked those instructions, but nooooo, I just went along as I wanted!!! And then I paid the pressing and unpicking price.

I have 10 gold blocks left to finish 1 is complete, needs it's final press. 1 needs the rows sewn together, 1 on the design board, 1 under the needle and 6 in the pile.

Then it's on to the setting triangles and borders. I'm hoping to have something to show off to the gals on Wednesday. I am amazed at all the fabulous quilt tops already completed. There are so many wonderful color combinations! Thank you Bonnie for another fabulous mystery.

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gayle said...

I ran into pressing issues, too. I had mostly remembered to press seams in the right direction... 8)

Mary said...

Un-sewing got me waylaid too. I wanted to spin those 4-patches so bad! I'm placing my 4-patches carefully too. It takes a bit longer but hopefully no same fabrics will be touching. Controlled scrappy, or OCD. Who would ever call me OCD? My blocks and setting triangles are half done so I could play on the wall. I'm amazed at all the Finished tops already. Those ladies didn't sleep much after the Reveal. What will your Borders be, Scalloped or no?

Andee said...

You will be done in no time. Looking good so far!

Art by Rhoda Forbes said...

Fabulous! I love Bonnie's colors this year, and yours is a beauty.

Feathers in my Nest said...

You got me with "Not my Reveal"...oh, got a chuckle from that one..
I'd say your doing really well, better than for sure...I'm making blocks for quilt #1..slow going too.Ha.

Judy S. said...

Two stacks of blocks in whatever stage is SOMETHING in my book! Nice work, too. What's on your needles these days?