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Monday, July 27, 2015

Design Wall Monday

This week I am working on more Pineapple Crazy blocks. It's been a little bit of time since I last worked on them.

I'm spending a few days at my daughter's house with her 4 kiddos and with Taylor while they are on vacation. I brought these and my featherweight to set up at the kitchen table so I could sew and supervise. But they are needing very little supervision from Gramma, they have their TayTay. LOL So Gramma sews on her "cute little sewing machine".

5 year old Leland was amazed that it was a real sewing machine because it isn't like his mom's. So cute and interested---for a couple minutes, then he's off again. I thought they might like to pick fabrics but no. Maybe later.

See fabulous design walls at Patchwork Times.


scraphappy said...

So glad you are able to spend time with the grands and sew at the same time. Enjoy!

Mary said...

I get some Grandma time with a 7 year old next week. I was thinking of dusting off my Featherweight. Gotta put the new oil pad on and put it back together. Hope it smells better. If not I'll be letter her play in the scraps to design her own little quilt. Have lots of FUN with them.

Chris said...

I love using my featherweight for paper piecing. I usually take hand work when I go to babysit the grand kids. Less stuff to cart around.

Ramona said...

Have fun with your grandkids... and your pineapple blocks!


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