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Monday, February 03, 2014

Design Wall Monday

We left here Thursday morning for a much needed long beach weekend. I had such great intentions of making more Pieced Hexies. My only sewing time last week was spent getting these ready to stitch. I had kitted up 7 designs thinking I would get them all finished and have nothing to sew. So I grabbed my knitting box along with my to go knitting bag.

I did not open my sewing box. Not one time! We were so busy with running around and clamming and resting that I even did very little knitting.

When we got home and things were somewhat put away, I wanted my recliner-clamming is hard work on an out of shape ole broad! So when the Super Bowl came on, I decided to work on these. I am so glad I started on them again. They are so much fun to make!   You can find Mickey's books at her website.

Saturday we visited the local Humane Society and as soon as I saw this little guy, I knew he had to be part of our family. So we adopted him. He is a 4 year old long hair chihuahua. We changed his name because Pretty Boy sounds like a bird name. He is now Jessie Sam-Buzz Domke. Today I'll make an appointment with the vet to have a well baby check up and a neuter. I'm not saying he was from a puppy mill but I have a suspicion. He is fitting in nicely and even stayed on my lap while I was stitching.

See other great design walls at Patchwork Times.


scraphappy said...

A new dog! So exciting. So much like having a new baby though, good luck.

Mary said...

Glad you are having FUN with your Hexies and good LUCK with the new Pup. How 'bout those SEAHAWKS!!!?

Marei said...

Congrats on the new baby! He's quite a cutie.

Sarah said...

JSBD is simply adorable!!! And it's always good that he fits in with his new family. I have yet to try the new pieced hexies book - too many good designs to choose from! Maybe I'll have to just blindly open to a page and make that one first. LOL