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Friday, March 15, 2013

Turkey Farmers

Today we became turkey farmers. After the grand kiddos were out of school, we went to the local farm store to buy four turkeys. There were five in the tub and we couldn't leave just one there so he came home with us too.  It was so fun to look at all the baby chicks, geese, ducks and turkeys.  I say these are the only birds we are getting this year.  Time will tell.  This reminds my of my friend last year with her chicks.  

We don't know if they are girls or boys, we'll find out soon enough. It doesn't really matter. These are being raised for meat. I'm glad I don't have to explain to the kiddos about this.  I think it's best to dump that chore on to the parents. They are so darn cute! 


Judy Laquidara said...

They are so cute. Don't get too attached to them! Will you have a hard time eating them? Does it matter if they're girls or boys when using them for meat birds?

pcflamingo said...

We had a steer we raised for meat. My late husband the wise guy named him Dinner. Our son was grade school age at the time and very tender hearted about animals. We had the farm kill guy come out when our son was at school and we explained later that Dinner was now neatly wrapped up in pieces in the freezer, as had been the plan all along.

Later when we were having steak for dinner our son asked if it was dinner (we thought he meant was it the evening meal) and we said yes. He said no, was it Dinner the steer, and we sort of cringed and said yes. He observed that Dinner was delicious.