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Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Quilting Challenge Plan

Inspired by Quilter Kathy, I have created my very own Quilting Challenge Plan.

My November 2011
Quilting Challenge Plan

1-Make a plan. Pick a project, write down the plan for the project.

2-Work up the courage by practicing and by saying kind words to myself.

3-Be brave and just start.

4-Have faith that it will go well and if it doesn’t,
have hope that I can figure it out with another plan.

5-Relax and have fun!

Here is the first part of my project. It is one of the projects on my 2011 UFO Challenge list. This is the project from April! For heaven's sake!! April. It has been on the quilting frame since September. I am so frustrated with myself sometimes. I am so close to being finished with it but just don't do it. To say I haven't been in the mood is an understatement. Granted I have had a few other things happening but my life is fairly calm now and it's time to focus.

I need to focus on that project so I can quilt Corbin's quilt. The top is finished, binding and backing are ready. The frame is not ready. I am working on that today.

So here is my plan of action.
  1. Finish the quilting on the Butterfly Garden quilt.
  2. Load Corbin's quilt.
  3. Quilt Corbin's quilt using a large meander.
  4. Bind Corbin's quilt.
  5. Bind Butterfly Garden.
Such easy things that just need to be started.

I am done beating myself up over this stuff. Quilting is supposed to be fun. I am going to have fun!


Suzanne said...

I so agree with you..stop beating yourself up. Your quilts are great. I like your plan. Plan your work and work your plan. Good luck!

Quilter Kathy said...

It's really hard to work on a project when you're not feeling the love or it's not fun. Way to go! You'll be so happy with what you accomplish! Remember the "say kind words" step!

Mary said...

I like your attitude! Even if it is working on April's UFO in November it's OK, just do it like NIKE says! I was soooo happy to finish two last week, now to get motivated to load another one before getting all the Christmas projects ready to quilt. Nice words do help, DH would come home and ask, so did you quilt today? as I sat in my jammies...

Diane said...

you have fun-working that plan!!
I think having a quilt waiting to be quilted is sometimes just wha tI need to get my butt in gear. I'm having that now-big quilt on the frame and I want to get HWhiskers done before Thanksgiving. so quilt away I must.

pcflamingo said...

YAY for plans! Double YAY for flexible plans that acknowledge real life intruding :D

Mrs Quilty said...

Exactly! Quilting is supposed to be fun and having UFO's is part of the fun!! Enjoy!