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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Finally! The Deer Quilt Is Finished!

It sure took me a long time to get this quilt finished and I am so glad it is! Nothing like a little pressure to make things work. Monday evening is the last meeting before the big picnic on Saturday where this will be one of the big raffle prizes. I promised the guys it would be there at their meeting for a preview. Yeah me!

I hope whoever wins it will love it. Now I can work on quilts I really, really want to work on.


fancystitching said...

Nothing feels as good as "finished"!! Now, on to the fun stuff!

scraphappy said...

Looks great. Such a good feeling to finish off something you have to do and feel good about doing something you want to do.

Diane said...

It looks fantastic! Someone is going to love it for sure!
have fun doing what you want now for a bit.

Amy said...

I know all about deadlines---they sure can be great to make things get done :0) This quilt will be a lovely for a cabin or deer hunting camp! The "men-folk" will love it.