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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Design Wall-Week 21

Design Wall Monday is here again. I thought I was only going to have my 6 Sister's Choice blocks on the wall. This morning though, I decided I need to figure out what I want to take to retreat this weekend! It is fast approaching.

I've spent quite a bit of time this week emptying out my scrap baskets. (I can't say I don't know how they get so full so fast because I d0 know how it happens...I procrastinate!) My string box is overflowing and so is my bag. I decided I would make a couple string quilts while retreating. I have some cheap-o thin fabric that makes great foundation so I got that out and cut the size I need to make Mary's Rectangle Strings quilt. After I cut my center strips, I had to make a couple (that turned into 8) sample blocks. When it was time to trim them to size, I struggled with my square ruler. After trimming one block, I told myself I needed a 6 1/2" x 9 1/2" ruler.....didn't have one that exact size so I created a template, layed my 6 1/2" wide ruler on it and marked my lines on that one. Much easier for me to use.

Fast forward a few hours...Hubby comes home from hunting and we have dinner. I bake him some chocolate chip cookies while he reads the paper. He goes to bed, I am getting ready to go to bed. I went into the sewing room to make sure the I turned off the iron...I did so I turned it back on. I sat down and made 6 more blocks! At this rate, I will have to have more foundations to take to the retreat because this quilt will be done!

Go on over to Patchwork Times and check what everyone else is working on. Check back here in a day or so and see my completed top. LOL Because you know I'm going to keep working on it!!!


Diane said...

OH my gosh you sound like me. I prepared foundations for a string quilt to take on a retreat last month and by the time I went on retreat I had them all made and just had to sew the rows together on the retreat! I kept saying to myself, "why are you doing this it's for the weekend". But they are so addictive, I love making them and sticking them on the design wall and WOW! they look so good! I even would go down to my room before bed just to check them out and think "oh, I'll just make a couple more..2 hours later. So much fun!

Unknown said...

Those blocks are like potato chips! Your design wall looks great - I am anxious to see the top in its entirety!

Sarah Vanderburgh said...

Thanks for the great idea of using my thin fabric for foundations. I acquired it through inheriting others' stashes. Now my stash will shrink:) I love the strings. I will not attempt until next year:)

Quilter Kathy said...

That was funny! Thanks for the smile today!
Better go check your iron!

Unknown said...

I love your Sister's Choice blocks and your string blocks are fantastic, I cant wait to see the finished top! Quilting is so addictive, its just a matter of getting into my sewing room but once I do I could stay in there for days!! :)

Brenda said...

Why wouldn't you keep working on them when they are looking so good!