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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Catching Up

It's been a while. I have been hiding and healing. I don't want to sound like a whiner because I have been doing lots of whining the last couple weeks. I don't handle pain very well at all. Then I feel worse because my injury is so minor compared to what others are dealing with.

At the retreat, I slipped in the mud, did not fall down and probably should have. You know when you slip and then to the please don't let me fall on my butt dance??? Well, that is exactly what I did. I reinjured my knee and could hardly walk. I went to the doctor, I wanted her to make it better just by my going to see her. She didn't! So after a few days of being dilegent with the ice, elevating and ibuprofen, I am doing better.

I did some grocery shopping yesterday after spending time with Dee. About half way through the store, I wanted to lay (fall) down on the floor and cry like a baby. But I didn't (only because I would of had to stand back up again!) and finished my shopping. I made it home, somehow got the groceries into the house and put away. I put a roast in the oven for dinner and got out the ice pack. I sat in the chair with my feet up on the stool, ice on my knee, phone by my side and the remote in my hand. I watched tv and talked on the phone for an hour. When I finally got up, my knee didn't hurt as bad. It couldn't have been from using it!

This morning it isn't too bad at all (could it be because I used it???). I hope I'm good for Thursday because I am going to the Quilt, Craft & Sewing Festival with my friends and then on Friday, I am going again with my daughter. The best part about going to this is that is close to home. Usually this is held way up north near Seattle and I can't go. I am so excited. I love this kind of stuff. I can't wait to see the latest and greatest. I am going to take my cane and my pills and ice pack just in case.

The quilt in the photo is one that a group from one of my groups made for a member that had surgery. I had the pleasure of sewing the top from blocks made by members and then I quilted it. It's very nerve racking to quilt for another long arm quilter. She loved it when we gave it to her as did the others that recieved their Hugs Quilt. Notice the block that has the sashing on the wrong side? I left it on purpose because that is the nature of our group. Just a little bit quirky and that is why I love it.
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Cherold said...

Hope your knee is doing better...I didn't know you almost fell at RR...shame on you for not whining so we could love on you!!! :)

Have fun on your outings, but be careful and be sure to rest (sit fido!) often.


Sue said...

I feel your pain, honey... just take it easy. Especially at the quilt show, don't walk too far without stopping to rest. I'll call you this weekend and get the report! Hope you too have a ball.
Love ya,

JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

Wonderful quilt - what a nice bunch we are. :-)

Rest that knee - and have fun too

Anonymous said...

You should be more proud of winning more things. Why you are hiding yorself?