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Monday, May 26, 2008

Dear Mr. Blogger

I thought you and Picasa were friends. I don't understand why you refuse to get along. I have been faithful to you since I discovered you. You have let me upload my pictures using my dialup and you were usually reliable.

I know I've moaned and groaned in the past about you when you wouldn't leave a picture here or there. That was before you dumped all of my photos for April and May. (People say they can see the pictures but I can't!) I am now extremely upset with you. What are you doing to me? My Sister wants to see my bird picture. I have friends that need to see my grand babies photos. Don't you understand how important this is to us. We share our lives with our family and friends and you come along and be a picture hater. Knock it off! Get along with each other and make us all happy again.

So I am testing you with a cute picture of Clella Mae on her new quilt that her Gramma made her. It's called Butterflies and Windmills and she loves it. She schooches around all over it putting her love slobbers down marking it as hers.

That is all I have to say to you Mr. Blogger. I want to be happy again. See what you can do about that!

Here it is 2 days later and still nothing. I have went in and messed with my settings, added a couple more links in the sidebar hoping that would help stir things up. I went in and deleted my cookies and cleaned my computer. I even restarted! Come on, be nice. Let me have some pictures!

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