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Sunday, April 08, 2007

Quilt Designer

This is Miss Taylor. She loves to help design quilts. These blocks were started at Royal Ridges Quilt Retreat last November and have been aging in the baggie every since. The other day it was time to get the top together.

With as bit of help from Miss Taylor and Mr Ian, we have the top assembled and is ready for borders. My original plan was to continue the red line into the border with the background fabric that is used throughout. But you know how plans go---mine usually go right out the window. I have enough fabric for a few more blocks but not enough for a border. So on to plan B. I will find another piece to make it out of.

We just finished Easter dinner and the infamous egg hunt. It's raining so eggs have been hid several times in the kitchen. With Jenny and Crystal's families away, it was almost quiet at our house. We all missed you guys!

The bellies are full and kids have almost settled down to watch a movie. Poppy is in his chair and probably snoring by now. Gramma will get things ready for work tomorrow. It's been a bit slow at work so I'm thinking of at least loading the sewing machine and string block project bag in the car--"just in case".
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