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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Pants Pattern Draft Attempt 2--The Light Came On

I hope in my last post it didn't sound like I was unhappy with Margaret's drafting instructions. It wasn't the instructions at all, it was the person that was drafting the pattern. That would be me.

When step one says to draw a line the length of the side measurement, that is what it means. Not the center back measurement, the SIDE measurement. No wonder my sideseams went up to my bra line! No wonder my back waist cutting line was straight. My body isn't shaped that way, because of my big ole butt, I have to have a much higher center back than a side. Duh! The light is on. I am home.

Back to the pants pattern draft and hopefully some time soon, some pictures of an awesomely, perfect fitting pair of pants.


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