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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

What A Difference A Day Makes

I told you the sun would come out today and it is! The sun shines, the mood improves. I understand seasonal depression. I think we all have it to some degree or another. My oldest daughter has it bad. I bet you a kabillion dollars that she is in a happy mood today! Ok I'm not really betting but you get my point. Now I want all the snow to melt away.

Yesterday, Bonnie gave the first clue in the Orange Crush Mystery. Here are my fabric choices. I didn't have enough orange so yesterday while I was in town, I went to the Value Giant store (which has a little bit of everything crafty and a whole lot more and getting a very nice selection of fabric!) and found some orange. Everything else is from stash. The green with butterflies will be my border. There is also a navy with little flowers and a purple with some black squigglies. The blue assortment are also the same blues I am using for the star points in my Scrappy Sister Choice. I have part 1 done and will work on other things "patiently" waiting for part 2.

This is the view out my living room window. See the top of the glider swing??? Up in the fir trees is a rock knob. The county owns that property and have hired a private contractor to do the mining. I don't care about that part. It was a working rock pit when we moved here but had not worked for probably 25+ years until recently. There is nothing I can do about that. However, having worked for a mining company, I know some of the "rules". Having common sence, I know when I should be concerned for myself and for my neighbors.

This morning, the back hoe is up on top working and I am standing at the window watching him. All of the sudden, I hear a crashing sound and I see tree debris crash onto the road. My neighbors have little kiddos that wait for the bus right by where the debris landed. I was pissed! All I could think of was the kiddos that would be out there shortly.
So I got on the phone, called the county guy--of course he couldn't take my call, did I want to leave a message. Hell No! I want you to get on your radio or whatever and tell those people up there what is going on!

Two minutes later I get a phone call from "my man"! I almost felt sorry for him after I hung up. I don't often get all riled up but the crashing tree sent me into a frenzy. While I was at it, I told him that his lazyassed truck drivers have driven by the debris for the last 10 minutes and not one of them stopped to clear it off the road. Within minutes, I heard the backhoe shut down. I'm not sure if I had anything to do with that or not. I do know that a safety berm needs to be built. And while it is being built how bout putting a flagger down on the road and keep an eye on things from our level!

Imagine my surprise when I heard a truck stop, looked out and a county truck driver was cleaning off the road. Wow, I guess I made my point. If they are going to work up there, they need to be concerned for their neighbors. Don't make me make another phone call! Cuz it won't be to the county guy.

Venting, it's a good thing.

(edited to add that I don't really care that it's spring break---I'm just glad I couldn't find the neighbor's new phone number to tell them to be careful while the kids wait for the bus that wasn't coming today!)

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Sue aka Your Highness Queen Granny :) said...

I love it!! You go sister, keep those jerks on their toes. Dad would be proud of you, did you call and tell him?

Hanging around Virgil and listening to him rant and raved all those years payed off, huh?