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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Another UFO Out of the Box

This UFO has been sitting in it's 2.5 gallon Jumbo Hefty Storage Bag since July 16, 2007. Not too bad. (And yes! I am a bag snob. These being my very favorite project bags.) I started this after picking up a copy of Quilt Sampler Magazine for Spring/Summer 2007 while at a quilt shop on our Sisters, Oregon trip. The cover quilt is from Intown Quilters in Decauter, GA and is called all squared up and uses Patty Murphy's method of cutting and peicing purchased squares.

I didn't have any squares but I did have a bunch of 3" flannel strips from a couple of online group swaps. So I got out my handy dandy paper and pencil and started to draw and measure. This is what I came up with. My block finishes 9 1/2" square and hers is 8". Doesn't matter to me. I just love the block.

I know I can get the pieces for one block out of one 42 inch strip. Not all flannel measures 42" without selvage so I have several blocks that use the same center block color. I don't care, this is a fun quilt to make and to look at.

I had the rows pinned together and numbered in order. (See my pins with the numbers marked on the head? Love the Sharpie!!!) So I got them out and started sewing them into rows. I know I don't have enough flannel for the back of this quilt but I will pick some up next time I go shopping. I'm hoping to have it quilted before the next retreat. No pressure, it's in less than 2 weeks!

I'd better get busy! I'm trying to figure out why I am such a project jumper! Ohhhhhh, is there enough time for that answer?
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Sue aka Your Highness Queen Granny :) said...

hmmmm... I love this one and the twisted sister too.... and since I AM your twisted sister AND I have a big bad bd coming up.... well, hint, hint, hint LOL

Love you :) The tops are beautyifous! I love em!

Got the kiddos back to Salem, boy I'm gonna miss that baby but it's nice to have my house back to normal again. She has turned into a one man wrecking crew and her mother doesn't do much to pick up after her. I'm POOPED~ but I'm gonna go relax at my sewing machine for a while, then clean out my nasty fridge, and then sew some more!