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Monday, June 29, 2015

Design Wall Monday

I'm making great progress on Rosette #1 of The New Hexagon Millefiore Quilt.
I'm hoping to have this finished before the end of the month.
Holy Cow! That's tomorrow.
OK, let's change that to the end of this week.
That's a whole lot of hand stitching and I still have 10 rosettes to stitch together.
Then it's all 18 that need to be sewn to the mother ship.
That right there is a whole lot of tv time!

I made 3 different center hexagons before settling on this one.
Sometimes I just have to make a decision!!

I'm working hard to keep my inside pretty.
I'll have to wait to put an iron to this.
Whoops, I see I missed taking out a paper on round 1.
I normally don't catch that until I'm quilting!!!

I never have to worry about a supervisor.
Today it looks like it's Miss Polly's turn.

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Monday, June 22, 2015

Design Wall Monday

The Hunting Club had it's annual picnic this weekend.
The elk quilt has a new home with our friend JR.
I was almost in tears by his reaction.
Funny thing is, earlier he had thanked me for making "his quilt". 
Imagine our shock when his name was called.
He said he knew he would be taking it home with him,
He's so cute!!!

I am redoing the center block of Rosette 1 for my Millefiore quilt.

The second hexi group for round 2 is being basted.

My sewing machine time was dedicated to mending this week.
Taylor needed her swimsuit repaired.
Those things are so expensive and so cheaply made!
Gramma did a good mend on this one.
There were a few other things that needed attention.
Mending is done for a while!

I worked on block 25 for my Castle Wall quilt.
I've been dedicating some time to these blocks
while I sneak in some Millefiore blocks.
I need to kit up a few more,
this is the last one I had ready.

Grab a cuppa something and
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Monday, June 15, 2015

Design Wall Monday

I may as well start right out by blaming Teresa at A Quilt and A Prayer for shoving me overboard into the land of The New Hexagon Millefiore Quilt Along.  Almost 6 whole months I have resisted and then I read one post on her blog and I am on Amazon ordering the book and at Paper Pieces ordering the first set of templates.  I am head over heals in love with this quilt!

While I waited for my book and templates to arrive--3 loooong days!--I printed Rosette 1 pages from the website and joined the Facebook group and googled images of  the Millefiore quilt and decided on fabrics to use. I know I will add and subtract and maybe change my mind lots of times on which fabrics to use but I am so excited to get going.

As hard as I tried to resist starting, I had to make the center....just to see what it looks like! I have never fussy cut like this before and think I have done an OK job on this. I used this tutorial on Fussy Cutting written by LuAnn of Loose Threads.  Now I need to put this on hold because I want to finish my Castle Wall blocks. I only need to make 6 more before I am ready to set them into a quilt top. Sometimes staying focused is so hard for me!!!

At the machine, I have a few more quilts to mark off the UFO list before I concentrate (become obsessed) with any one project (Millefiore). I finished this Crossroads quilt using a flannel backing. It is so toasty. Connie at Freemotion by the River has written a great tutorial for this quilt. What will I quilt next???  I know, how about Hanky Panky--it's been lounging around for almost 5 years, now it's time to provide some warmth!

Fun things are happening at Patchwork Times Design Wall Monday today!  I can't wait to play along.

Monday, June 08, 2015

Design Wall Monday

I had one of those weeks where I was all over the place.
I finished this Framed 9 Patch.
I think it turned out very sweet.

I pieced batting for the next quilt.
Even with the table set up, 
I couldn't force myself to layer and pin baste.
It just wasn't in me.
I'm hoping with the temperatures up into the 90s today
that I'll hide in the cool house and get this basted.

What was in me was mindless sewing.
I turned on a movie and started making 4 1/2" blocks.. 
I wonder if I will ever use up all my neutral strings.
I hope not!

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Monday, June 01, 2015

Design Wall Monday

It's hard to stay focused and be in the sewing room when it's been so nice outside. Sometimes I just want to go out and look around or sit with a cup of coffee and take in the silence-then a car goes by and brings reality back into focus. Because I'm so easily sidetacked, it's taken me a few days to get to the binding stage of this quilt. I posted on Wednesday about being having everything ready to pin baste. I had planned a trip to Costco but decided to stay home and get this basted and start the quilting. It was lots more fun than a trip to town. (Costco did happen yesterday--yes on Sunday, with the husband!! Thank goodness that's done!)

I'm happy to say the binding is on and I've started sewing it down.  On a child's quilt, I like to sew the binding to the back and flip it to the front to machine stitch down.

Who is this for? You'll just have to wait to find out the answer to that. Mostly because I'm not sure yet. wink, wink 

Next up for quilting is another UFO. I'm now in quilting mode again so I'm trying to do 2 UFOs and then a new quilt that won't become a UFO. We'll soon see how that works for me!!

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Friday, May 29, 2015

On The Needles

I'm knitting again. Not much, just a little at night. Lillian-pattern at Ravelry-has come out for some attention. 

This will be the final color section, then one more black section before the crochet edging.  The color runs are quite long in this yarn. I'll have enough for another cowl. 

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Wednesday Work

Yesterday I proved to myself that I should not go back to bed after Ernie leaves. I wake up feeling like I have a hang over which I haven't had in so many years that I can't remember when it was. (One of those life lessons.) It seems like everything I did turned out wrong. I made a backing for the Framed 9 Patch quilt top and when I was finished and folding, it looked wrong. I measured it and yikes!!! Who read that tape measure?? I walked away.

When I went outside to do some things, I locked the door. Why? I don't know! After the panic was over, I went to the front door and it was unlocked. Time to hide a key outside. I hope I can remember where I hide it. Later in the day, I was reaching for a jar of brown sugar, dropped it and broke it all over.  See what I mean!!  About the only thing I did right yesterday was make a good dinner-if you don't count the under seasoned rice. 

This morning I decided to get an early start on things.  I went in to the sewing room and fixed the backing. I then pieced some batting scraps.  Next I decided how I want to quilt this and wrote it on my note for this quilt. I pulled out my threads and wound some bobbins.  It is now ready for the basting table later today.

Binding Friends has been cancelled for today. BooHiss.  I decided I need to go to Costco and this would be a good day since I had already planned to be gone.  My list is ready.  Now I need to get ready.

It's 8 am here and this has already been a good Wednesday Work day. Let's all cross our fingers that it continues to be.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Design Wall Monday

I forgot it was Monday!  Sometimes (quite often) that happens when I have no place to be or nothing important to do.  There has been a whole lot of sewing going on at my house because the Cat's been away.  He's home again so now things are back to normal and I got a very good night's sleep!

I can't remember the name of this little quilt that my friend Trina talked me into starting. I'm not a fan of making pinwheels and these are itty bitties. I made this many and decided that was all I needed. It is now quilted and ready for corner hanging triangles and binding. On minis I usually write my label on one of the triangles. Here's a nice little tutorial on the hanging triangle tabs. I Googled it so you don't have to. *wink, wink  

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Saturday, May 23, 2015

While The Cat's Away...

My Cat-Ernie-is gone this weekend on a halibut fishing trip.  
The Mouse--me--is playing.

On his way out of town,
he dropped the beast off at the spa.
Instead of a weekend full of quilting tops from Mt. ToBeQuilted,
 I came up with a new plan-
finish more tops.

I had put my Ambassador machine in this cabinet a few weeks ago
with the intention of sewing in the living room in front of the tv.
I don't have a tv in my sewing room.
I had yet to open it until this weekend. 

I have done so much while Ernie has been gone.
I make a list of 3 household to do projects, 
hurry and get them done so I can sew without guilt.

Project 1 was to finish this top.
I had made a mistake on row 6 while at retreat and had already taken the row apart.
I thought maybe the other rows were wrong too 
but I waited until row 6 was sewn back together and checked them.
Thank goodness they were all good and no more un-sewing had to happen.
This is now a top with the backing and binding selected, waiting to be quilted.

Town Square is is ready for inner and outer borders.
I love this, it's so bright and happy.

What will happen today?
I have a couple ideas....
but first I must take care of those 3 things on my list.

The Cat will be home tomorrow so this Mouse must get playing.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Retreat Roundup-Finallly

May Retreat is always fun but this year it was extra special for me. 
I sat with my daughter, busy mom of 4, wife of 1.
Her husband took vacation days so she could retreat with mom.
He is super special! Thanks Mike.
Day 1-I worked on these, my version of Windows To Heaven
 found in the book Strip Delight by Suzane McNeill.
It was fun laying the blocks out at home.
Hopefully they will become a top soon.

 Friday I used daughter's machine while she went to the zoo with 1st graders.
I had 10 hexi designs to applique to the background fabric.
I am thrilled to be one giant step closer this UFO  being completed.

I started putting my tumbler blocks together Friday evening.
While working on them Saturday, I found I had made a huge mistake in my design so I put it away.
Come to find out, only one row was off.

Next up were these fun blocks. 
These are for Town Square from Kim Brackett's book
Most of the blocks are finished to this step. 
I made a few cutting errors-nothing too serious-so those will need some work.
This will become one of the quilts for my special project that I can's talk about yet.

One of my favorite activities are the strip swaps. This time we did 2 1/2" batiks and neutrals (where is that picture??) and 1 1/2" neutrals and blues.

Since I am the swapper, I get to touch all of these and dream of what I'll do with them.

Retreats are so much fun, energizing and so exhausting all at the same time. It's fun to catch up with old friends. Most of these women have been retreating together for a long time. While I didn't complete any one projects, I made serious progress on each that I worked on. That was my plan!!

I have most of my things put away. 2 projects have moved forward.  I'm already planning for the next retreat in the fall.