Thursday, March 21, 2019

I Like Thursdays #42

I like a beautiful morning sky.

Kids are still sick so out comes Lord of the Rings Monopoly.
Gramma has never seen these movies so I was at a huge disadvantage.
But that didn't matter. 
wink wink
Teach your children how to lose gracefully.
In my not so humble opinion,
that is a very valuable life lesson.

I need to sew 60 quarter square triangles.
I took my supplies with me and cut while the kids watched a movie.

I spent lots of time basting diamonds.
I really like having things ready to take with me 
and this is the perfect project.

This little goofball.
I apologized for forgetting to bring him a piece of pumpkin pie.
"I don't want a piece of pie, I want the whole pie!"
So Gramma made him his own pie to share with his family.
And following family tradition,
pumpkin pie for breakfast! 

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Have a great week.  

Monday, March 18, 2019

Design Wall Monday

Last week was a week full of sick kids.
Since Momma is so close to being finished with her schooling,
we sent her and Dad off to school/work while we took care of the sickies.

I took my Antique Star project to work on.
I basted diamonds while Elliot, the person this is being made for, 
asked how long it will take. 
It will happen sooner if I work on it more.
Then Gramma, maybe you can work on it more. OK? 

It take a lot of diamonds so I cut more.
I really need more shirts for more variety.

Now I am sick with this crazy bug.
I decided to quietly sit and baste Sunday away.

Here are some of my parts.
I have a long way to go. 

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Thursday, March 14, 2019

I Like Thursday #41

Another week gone.
Another week filled with wonderful things.

Granddog Sadie wearing Corbin's favorite hat.
It lasted long enough to get a picture.
She is not a ball cap girl!

Sometimes we send pictures to Aunt DeeDee just to say good morning.

I want the snow to be done for the winter.
Nothing accumulated. 
It is pretty to watch.

Bruce Lee, back left,
Joe Cockerdoodledoo on the right.
We think maybe Bruce Lee is not a rooster.
Guess we'll know for sure if he lays an egg. LOL

The chicks are finally in their new home.
The beach babes are being good to them so far.
The beach babes are the hens we are taking care of while our friends are in Arizona for the winter.

My camellia bush is going to explode in color soon. 
When we were kids, we used the leaves on mom's bush as play money.
She did not appreciate that at all.

Little Jessie Dog thinks he is the king of outside. 

More snow!-Gotta say, I'm wasn't liking it.
I do like the way the clouds hang over the meadow and
you can see the big hill between the layers.

New fabric.
Oh I like new fabric.
This is the finishing fabric for my current leader/ender project.

Have a wonderful day everyone.
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Monday, March 11, 2019

Design Wall Monday

After finishing the Hearts and Flowers From Friends quilt,
I decided to work on Oklahoma Backroads.
This is a free Quiltville pattern.
This is my UFO #4 for Judy L's 2019 UFO Challenge.

I needed to add the borders, make the binding and the back.
 That is all done, 
I need to give these both a good pressing
and piece up some batting leftovers from the last few quilts.
I laughed at myself.
Evidently I can't read my tape measure because look how much extra backing I have.
That will be trimmed up for the scrap user bins after basting.
I don't need the extra to get under my quilting and
as well as I know myself, that is pretty much guaranteed to happen. 😎😏😒

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Thursday, March 07, 2019

I Like Thursday #40

Thursday, the day to celebrate things we like.

Random likes from my week.

Miss Polly.
She needs to be the center of attention.

Mornings with the Grands.
Coloring with Corbin.
My page says Reach For Greatness.
The Hello Kitty plate held a bagel.
It was made to apologize for the bagel he stole from me last week.
That boy is as funny as his Gramma.
The coffee cup says Mama Said Sew.
I bought it for Crystal since she is my only sewing daughter.

2 quilt finishes in a week make me very happy.

Working on a new quilt makes me very happy too.

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Monday, March 04, 2019

Another UFO off of Mt ToBeQuilted

Hearts & Flowers From Friends

This had been put away since September 2011.
Why did I do that?
Three long rows were together..
sashing sewn to both sides of the outside rows.
All I needed to do was sew the center row on both sides,
add the top and bottom sashing/border and bind.
The binding was even made.

I do know why this was put away.
I made my heart hurt too much to work on it.
It was a bit rough today as the anniversary of the tragedy approaches
and memories flooded my heart. 
After some quilt hugs and tears,
I'm happy to say the binding is now stitched down and
this one is finish #8.

Design Wall Monday

I spent time this week assembling all the parts for Monkey Business.
My sewing sessions seem to come in small sections of time.
But it paid off!
It's amazing what can be accomplished a few minutes at a time.

I really wanted to lay it all out and start sewing it together but
I have a goal list for the month so I chose a project off there to work on next.
MB is a still on the list,
just farther down.

The real next project on my list was to quilt this String Quilt from October 2009.
9 1/2 years is long enough to marinate. 
I'm happy to report this is done! 
I call it Lucky #7 because it's 7th on my list of 20 Finishes Before 2020.

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Sunday, March 03, 2019

Lucky #7

Finish #7 for 20 Finishes Before 2010!!
It was fun to revisit these fabrics.
Lots of my favorites are in here.

If you make spirals and they go array, 
you name them wonky. 😉😃
I took this picture after putting the walking foot on for the binding.

This one is a small size couch quilt.
I just searched the blog and found out that this has been marinating since 
Oh My! It didn't seem like it was that old.

I used scraps from a few backings for this one.
It's quilted with wonky spirals.
Hooray for Lucky #7!!

Saturday, March 02, 2019

2019 UFO Challenge--March

I am on a mission to cross 32 projects off my UFO list.
I have a list of 20 Finishes Before 2020 where I am listing my finished and
Judy L's 2019 UFO Challenge where my 12 projects are listed and updated.
(both lists are in the tab section above)

For March, Judy L chose #4 which is my Oklahoma  Backroads.
This is a free pattern from Quiltville.
I used this as my 2017 leader/ender project.

There is a story behind my wanting this quilt. As a young child, my dad told me about coming from Oklahoma in the back of a covered wagon. One day, maybe I was 10 or so, I asked my Gramma to tell me about that trip. She had a look on her face that I will never forget. When she asked me what I meant, I told her the story I had heard numerous times. All of the sudden she glared at dad and said
"Charles! How dare you lie to these children!" She was serious. I chuckled out loud because dad got in trouble from his mom. Oh she was mad! 

I'm sorry Gramma but that this had become a funny story that has been shared over the years. 
I'm sure you still don't think it's as funny as I do.

So I had wanted to make this quilt and finally started.
I had asked daughter Crystal if she ever saw covered wagon fabric to buy me a couple yards.
She just happened to have this in her stash and gifted it to me.

Then dad got sick.
I couldn't work on the quilt.
Then dad passed away last year,
I couldn't look at the quilt.

I decided to work my way through it and put it on my list.
I lovingly put it in the UFO bin.
When I took it out, it brought a few tears to my eyes.
But I think I'll be OK working on it.
If not, I'll work on it when I can.

Thursday, February 28, 2019

2019 UFO Challenge-February Update

Here it is, the last day of the month and
Granddaughter Estella's 7th birthday and
I have February's UFO almost finished.
The binding is on,  ready to stitch down.
Ernie has hunter's ed class tonight so I decided
to rent Bohemian Rhapsody and bind.

I used up quite a bit of older stash fabric to make the back.
The cherry fabric has aged enough, the chicken panels too.
A friend gave the me navy fabric.
It was all I could do to squeeze the binding out of the rest of that chunk of fabric.
I had to piece some to get the strip wide enough for the last few inches and by golly, 
it worked out great! 

I'm pretty excited to mark this one off the list
and see which number Judy L pulls tomorrow morning.

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

I Like Thursday #39

Thursday Likes include dogs on quilts and kids.
It doesn't matter if it's finished or not, 
Daisy thinks the quilt is there for her.
I'm having fun quilting this one.
Short periods of quilting time are needed so my shoulder isn't irritated. 
I hope to have it finished this week.

Little Jessie does not like to be disturbed when he's napping under the quilt.
It also doesn't mater to him if it's finished or if Mom is taking out some stitiching.

My bean shelf was empty.
It was time to stock it up again 
with some chili mix, black beans and pinto beans.

2 hour late start means Gramma will let us play video games in the morning.
I love that Corbin has his perch of quilts and pillows.

We spent some time coloring this morning.
I hadn't intended to color but when he put the paper and the marker in front of me,
I felt I really had to.
And the conversations while coloring are priceless.

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