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Saturday, December 16, 2017

I May Be In Big Trouble

I have a hexi problem! I just made my 2018 UFO Challenge List and 5 are hexi quilts with another being a hand pieced quilt that all need to be finished. So why am I even thinking of starting something new??? Here's my logical reason---I need to learn something new. There, that's the best I can do. If I were being honest with myself, I would simply say just because I want to!

Now my mind is all consumed with a new hexie project. Because you know I have no plans to start any new quilts in 2018. Hahahaha, I am so funny.

This morning I'm reading Mary's blog-Quilting through Rose-colored Trifocals!  I get sucked in to how she is piecing her hexies on her machine. This is not my first time reading her blog. I don't know why I reacted to it like I did today. But I'm fine with my reaction. It shows how passionate I am about quilting.

OMG, I am in so deep. I quickly go to Marti Michell's website and order Set H for 3" hexies and I needed a corner trimmer so I can use some of my own templates.  

Now I will wait for a shipping notice and then stalk the mailbox. I am going to do my homework and learn Mary's method Set-In Piecing Simplified. And I'm going to practice. Can you tell I'm excited.!!

In the meantime, I'm going to finish clue 4 to On Ringo Lake and work on my Tumblers quilt top so when that number is called for the UFO Challenge, it will be or be closer to a complete quilt top.

2018 UFO Challenge

Circle of Jewels
Leftover from last year's UFO list.

Castle Wall
Hand pieced--need a few more blocks.

This is a carry over from April during the 2017 UFO Challenge.
It's a good plan so I am going to follow it when this number is called.

On The Road Quilt
I have not stitched one single stitch in this on the road! LOL
I have been working on this.
As of today December 16, 2017,
 I need to make 6 more blue rosettes and 7 more yellow/orange rosettes.
I have been very busy stitching rosettes to the mother ship.

Mischief Quilt
Started March 2017.
I put this away in October 2017 but I'm determined to finish it in 2018.

The Hexi Blog BOM 
A carry over from 2017 UFO Challenge. 
Ready for quilting.
This will be fun!

Garlic Knots
Still trying to decide, borders or no borders.

Jamestown Landing
Quilting will happen in 2018.

Tumblers Leader/Ender
Carry over from 2017 UFO Challenge and a current WIP.

Borders or no borders?
Still undecided.

Grandmother's Choice Sampler
The oldest UFO on this list.
What's funny about this is I saved all the scraps in it's own bin.
I pulled scraps from it recently for make a wall hanging.
It's time to quilt this beauty and clean out the scrap bin.
A neglected top from the 2017 UFO Challenge.

Deli Geese

My goals for 2018 are to make a major dent in my UFO collection.
I have not counted them. 
Maybe I'll make a list for myself.
(It's been a few years since I've done that.)
Maybe I won't. 

Monday, December 11, 2017

Design Wall Monday and Mystery Monday Link Up

I am loving each step of On Ringo Lake, the current Quiltville mystery.
(Link found at the top of her page.)
I never count when I start cutting pieces.
I'm a guesser.
I always guess wrong. 
Usually I start way under and then go way over.
I love having the extras in another project or pieces for the back.

 I want to cut into these piles today.
And the pile of neutrals that are waiting their turn.

Christmas shopping is top priority today.
I have my driver and shopping companion. I am ready with my list.
We'll have a great time and a late lunch out, 
be home in plenty of time for him to go to his meeting.
I will cut and sew and press until he comes home.

 I press and clip into 10s.

I am having so much fun visiting old fabrics,
using up the last of the chunks that I haven't yet cut for my Scrap Users System.
(Have you ever read the Scrap UsersTestimonials?-Mine is there. 😃 )

So many fabrics pulled from my blue and neutral strip bins.
So many fabrics acquired through swaps with friends.

Today is link up day and my favorite day in Blogland.


Have a great week everyone!!!

Sunday, December 03, 2017

Quiltville Mystery Link Up-Clue 2

Everyone that knows me knows that when mystery time rolls around,
you will find me working on my clue until it is done.
Clue 2 to On Ringo Lake (found at Quiltville) was finished Saturday.
Remember, I don't have a full time job or any children at home.
I have lots of time to sew.
Or should I say, I take lots of time to sew.

First thing I did was get out the appropriate Go dies.
With each die, I write on the package the fabric chunk size.
I cut my chunks and stack them in a layer of 6.
This took me about an hour.

Then it was crank, crank, crank.
During one episode of Switched At Birth,
I had all my parts cut.

Sew, sew, sew.
Binge watch my show.
OK, part 1 of sewing and pressing was enough for day 1.
Someone thought he needed dinner. 😉
(Honestly, I did do a few things other than sew, but not many.)

Day 2 brings me stacks of 10 1 winged geese.
I sew 10, grab a pair of tumblers to get this leader/ender to completion,
(since I'd love to mark this one off the 2017 UFO Challenge list)
sew 10 more.
And sew on and sew on until all my stacks of 10 are complete.

Then it's press and clip, press and clip.
All flying geese are complete with a few (23) extra.
Lots of progress was made toward completing my UFO.

I'm happy to have Clue 2 finished,
because it's going to be a busy week. 

Thanks Bonnie for another fun clue.
Check out everyone's progress at Quiltville's Mystery SUNDAY Link Up.

Friday, December 01, 2017

2017 UFO Challenge Report Card

It's that time of year to confess to how I did on the 2017 UFO Challenge hosted my Judy L of Patchwork Times.

Finished in January and gifted to my sister Karen.

Jamestown Landing is a quilt top.

Quilt top finished in March.
Still unquilted.

Garden Party is a quilt top, 
still unquilted.

Quilt top complete.

Quilt top complete

I didn't even take this one out of the box. 

Garlic Knots blocks were put together at November retreat.

Windows to Heaven
These blocks were put together but still need borders and quilting.

Tumbler leader and ender
I'm currently working on this between mystery clues.
I have 4 more rows to add and 2 border rows.

This still needs side fill in pieces added.
I should get it out for evening tv time.

Millefiore has also been ignored all year.
Even though it's only December 1, I know I will not work on her this month.
Needs side fill ins and border.
Seems to be a pattern going on here. 

Thanks Judy for hosting this. 
After writing this post, I don't feel so bad about my accomplishments.
I am thinking about what I want to put on my 2018 list.

Monday, November 27, 2017

Design Wall Monday and Quiltville Mystery LInk Up

I kind of got carried away with my 9 patches for the On Ringo Lake mystery at Quiltville
Why make 50 when 75 are so easy to do. 

I love sewing the short strip sets.

And then cutting them with the Go Cutter.
I haven't finished my tumbler leader/ender yet.
Thinking I needed more blocks, 
I cut a bunch more.
Only to find a bin full of them all ready to go.
LOL, sometimes I amaze myself.
Oh well, they are seeds for another quilt.

Before starting the mystery, I decided to complete the baby quilt top.
I wish I would have gotten a good picture but again,
the rain and dark interfered with my plan. 

This week I'll get the back and batting ready for it
and maybe start quilting.
It all depends on how this nasty cold treats me. 

I'm  linking up today with Quiltville and Small Quilts and Doll Quilts.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Design Wall Monday...

...And a couple of awesome finishes.

It's been a busy week.
My niece is expecting a baby girl in a few weeks and I need to make them a cuddle quilt.
I like my baby quilts to cover Momma and Baby.
Way back in 2013, I participated in the Rainbow Scrap Challenge at SoScrappy blog.
I planned to make a row quilt and true to form, 
I got part way through the year and stopped,
and now I have a box of awesome 6" blocks. 

Then Bonnie writes a post about Getting Serious With Scrap Reduction.
She shows a picture of Dancing Dashes and that's all I needed to get this quilt started.
I grabbed some yellow polka dot for sashing and soft lavender for the corner stones.
I'm hoping to have this top together before Thursday.
Maybe I'll name this Dashing Dashes and Friends. 

Because Friday is Mystery Day!!
I finally pulled my fabrics for On Ringo Lake.
I don't have one single piece of fabric in Bonnie's main colors so I went stash diving.
Red, Blue, Black and Creamy Neutrals
Depending on the clues and sizes of pieces needed, 
I'll pull from my strip bins and deeper into the stash.

Granddaughter Taylor will turn 18 in a few days.
She had hinted about a quilt with black, white and aqua. 
How could I say no.
I knew Bonnie's Scrappy Trips was a perfect design.
This is found on the Quiltville free patterns page.
Fun strips were pulled from the black and white strip bin.
Most of them were from strip swaps at retreats.

I had a blast quilting this.
Somewhat straight lines in a random pattern.
I used gray thread and my walking foot.

Finally En Provence is finished!
These photos are from Jane right after she quilted it for me.

We decided soft yellow thread would be perfect.
The panto is called Lovely by My Creative Stitches.
And Lovely it is!
I used bright pink for the binding. 
It's been dark, gloomy and wet here so no full on pictures.

Check out Design Wall  Monday at Small Quilts and Doll Quilts.

Monday, November 13, 2017

Design Wall Monday

When last we met, I was finishing up the quilting on the secret project. 
Now it is finished and I still can't share any photos. 
So instead I'll show you what's up next at my machine.

That's right!
A major cleaning and oiling and putting stuff away.
So I am procrastinating! 
Big Time!!

Instead of cleaning my machine and grabbing the next UFO,
I'm knitting and binge watching Netflix.
I can't let this fabulous No-Fuss Shade Shawl become a UFO!

Really I've been feeling a little peaked and when that happens,
I just like to knit and watch tv.
I've been fighting off a cold since retreat and I think I'm winning.
And my shawl is almost finished.

I must get my machine cleaned today because 
tomorrow I pick up my En Provence from Jane the Quilter. 
Now, where did I put that binding?

I'm planning a pretty busy week.
Wish me luck!!

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Monday, November 06, 2017

Design Wall Monday and Retreat Report

Last week was my final retreat for the year. 
I had plans, lots of plans.
I worked and worked, chatted and laughed!
My first project was to make this table runner for my friend for Christmas.
I just need to add the buttons to the intersections.
Ramona showed it last week on this blog post and I knew it would be the perfect gift.
Then she sent me the link for the tutorial.
Thanks Ramona!

Next I worked on bow tie blocks for another table mat.
Insert my sad face here when I did bring enough of my background to finish the blocks.
And then I cut for another table runner and the fat quarter I wanted to use was all cockeyed crocked!
It was so bad! 3" bad!
I have the charm squares cut and ready to go so I'll find something else that will work with it.
It wouldn't be a retreat without a Whoopsie or 2.

Next project--UFO #8 for August from Patchwork Times UFO Challenge.
20 Garlic Knot blocks were from a block swap and I made 28 more.
We layed them out and arranged them and pinned into rows at Binding Friends last week.
The sewing went pretty fast.
(After I made the last 3 blocks that I needed.)
Next up will be to quilt it and bind it with a scrappy batik binding.

Then I pulled out my Garden Party #2 Blocks and worked on them the rest of retreat.
I am almost finished with them.

Retreat started Thursday for me so I spent lots of time quilting the secret project before I left. 
I'm almost ready for binding and gifting and sharing.

Here is my favorite snag on the road into retreat.
The rains and winds knocked all the pretty orange leaves off the trees.
I take a picture of this at every retreat. 
I love this old snag!

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