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Saturday, January 13, 2018

January Pantry Challenge-Week 2

I asked my amazing woodworking son in law to make me a tower for my canning rings. I drew what was in my head and he made it for me. I need another one but haven't asked yet. 😏

The prototype is short--I think 6" tall. That will work great for bringing what I need from the pantry room to the kitchen. You can barely see it on the right.

I had a great pantry week. Most days I followed my menu plan pretty good.  Sunday we had an unplanned family potluck--2 big packages of fish out of the freezer. Monday was a no cook day, hubby had a meeting so I had leftovers. Our oldest granddaughter is here from Baltimore so we did another family potluck. Baked Ziti from me, all ingredients from the pantry. Wednesday was chicken and rice soup, Thursday was lunch out with Granddaughter so no cooking, Friday was a delicious meatloaf with cheesy potatoes. Today will be chicken enchiladas.

I did add more on sale cheese to the freezer. When the new ad came out, the only good sale was bacon so 3# were added to the freezer. I had to buy creamer but I knew I would and it was on sale for a really good price so I bought 2. That's it.

With all my grocery money savings, I went ahead and ordered 80# of chicken breast from Zaycon for March delivery. I'll have a huge canning session when that comes in. Most of it is destine for jars.

I consider this week a success. Next week will be easy peasy since I'll be using daughter's pantry while they are on a trip. She will have her menu planned and everything I need at the ready. The rest of the week for my house is super simple. Hubby will join us for dinner so no worries for him.

I love having my menu planned out for the month and everything I need in the house. One of these days I will have to go real grocery shopping but I have a good list started and I have some incredible new menu ideas already planned out for February. 

Friday, January 12, 2018

Almost Mid Month UFO Progress Report

Normally, at the first of the year, I'm all gung ho on my UFO project.
The only thing I have done is measure it and decided not to add a border. 
I'm going to use it at the beach for a sit outside cover up.
I ordered a baptist fan stencil and it came the other day.
I need to decide how to mark it so the marks stay on while quilting 
but come off when I'm finished.
I'll probably just mark one row at a time. 
How will that work with my pin basting?
I don't know.
 I'm not a spray baster,
I might have to convert and become one.

I have been working on my #4 UFO in the evenings while watching TV 
This is the zip bag of parts and pieces.
I decided today it was time to lay it on the bed and decided exactly what I need to do to finish it.
I knew I needed more full rosettes to get it to the size I want.

So here's my chicken scratch list on top of my box of more parts, pieces and papers.

For a minute I thought I might call the blue row my last and finish filling in the top with half yellow/orange rosettes.
Then I told myself to not wimp out and finish it like I originally wanted.
This is an awesome design my Mickey Depre of Pieced Hexies fame.
This is her free On The Road Project for 2016-1017.
I started mine August 2016.

I'm hoping to have it ready to quilt when #4 is called for Judy L's UFO Challenge.

Monday, January 08, 2018

Mystery Monday and Design Wall Monday

I've been working on my Quiltville mystery On Ringo Lake
here and there.
Not like I have in the past where I sit down for hours.
I'm so excited to be putting my blocks together
and had to put some up on the wall.
One afternoon I sewed with my friend Trina via Messenger.
It was so much fun.
She sent a picture of some of her blocks on the wall,
I had to send her mine.

I love my mix of medium to darker blues.
I love my reds and black on blacks,
I love my creamy neutrals that are quite washed out here.
I'm excited to get the remaining blocks and sashings sewn.

It's going to be a fun day in Blogland today.


Saturday, January 06, 2018

January Pantry Challenge-Week 1

In December, I told you about the January Pantry Challenge that I planned to participate in. 

Here is my week 1 recap.

I had previously made a dinner menu plan for the month.
Dinners on days 1-4 were not what I had planned.
There were things in the fridge to get used up.
A Taco Soup craving happened. 😀🙋
No big deal.
We still ate from what was in the fridge and pantry.

I had said that I was only going to shop to stock the future pantry.
On Tuesday the grocery ad comes out for Safeway.
They have cheese on sale-2# for $5, limit 4.
Since my Wednesday group was cancelled, 
Ernie volunteered to go shopping for me.

Armed with his detailed list and asked to check for on sale beef, off he goes.
He came home with all the list items plus
2 big packages of hamburger and
4 big packages of chicken thighs.
Good shopping!

We got that all packaged up for the freezer.
Thank goodness he likes to vacuum seal.
(I kind of want to go get more cheese and thighs to can.)

On Tuesday evening I had taken 4 pork loins out of the freezer.
We got them on sale last year for a really good price.
I think the price was so good because they were the toughest pork I had ever had!
So after they finally thawed,
I cut the meat off into chunks and we ground it up into sausage meat.

I had watched this video about making Sausage Eggs cups
and knew I wanted to try canning sausage.
Don't turn up your nose until you've tried it.
(I did make some egg cups using diced ham...yummy yummy!)

I got 22 1/2 pints canned up and yesterday tested it making gravy.
OMGoodness! Sooo good.
I still have more roasts to thaw and grind.

So I consider my week a huge success.
I bought no real groceries,
I stocked the pantry and freezer with some yummy food.
 I have my husband on board with my challenge.
I don't mind being flexible with my menu plan.
It's working for us.

My plan for next week is looks really yummy and exciting!

Do you do kitchen and cooking challenges? 
Here are a few of my past freezer challenges.
I'm so easily entertained. 

Monday, January 01, 2018

January's UFO

I'm pretty excited--my #10 is Strings and Stars.
Every time I see this quilt top, 
I think about if I want to add borders or not and usually I say no to myself.
I'll measure it again and then make the final decision.
Oh gosh, a light bulb just went off in my head! 
I have a box of string strips already made up, 
what will that look like!

I kind of do have a plan.
I plan to do some walking foot quilting like I did on Taylor's quilt.
I have the thread picked out already.

I'm still thinking about the binding. 
I have some of the blue sashing fabric left but not sure if there is enough.
I don't remember how much of the cornerstone fabric I have.
That would make a great binding.
Should just go scrappy?

I also know that I'm going to use some of the older quilting panels
 that my friend gave me for the back.

I'm going to piece scraps of batting that will empty out another bin.

Looks like I'm about set with my big plan.

2018 Word For The Year

I remember as a child thinking about the year 2000.
Holy cow! That was so far away.

Here we are starting 2018.

I have several big goals for this year.

This is why I have chosen productive as my word for the year.

achieving or producing a significant amount or result

Let the games begin!

Thursday, December 28, 2017

2017 Finishes

I didn't think I had finished so many quilts, table runners and wall hanging.
I was happy to go back and see exactly what I had finished. 
So in no particular order and no comments,
I present My Year of Finishes.

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Quiltville Mystery Tuesday Link Up

I'm just getting started on part 5 of On Ringo Lake.
All clues for this mystery are available for a limited time at Quiltville.
This clue was released Friday but I was deep in to Christmas happenings
and playing with some quilting.
I knew I'd have the rest of this week to get my parts sewn.

I pulled out the appropriate size neutral strips 
(most received from our strip swaps)
to use with my Go Cutter.
Then I cut into my blacks for the geese
and got to crankin' and cuttin'.

All the pieces are ready to sew. 
Machine was given a once over with the dust brush and the oil bottle.
A few bobbins were wound and a new needle inserted.
I've got Alias Grace on Netflix ready to push play.

Check out all the progress at today's 
and see the fun my friend Mary is having at her sew in. 
Hey Mary. 🙋 

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

2018 Pantry Challenges

I love my pantry. 
I love using my pantry.
I love a challenge.

 When Leisa at Sutton's Daze on you tube announced her January Pantry Challenge, 
(She has so many fun videos and awesome, simple recipes.)
I knew I wanted to do this.  

I've done my own challenges in the past,
but I think it will be more fun doing it with others.
I don't make you tube videos,
I'd rather blog about my results.

I'm hoping to do some sort of pantry challenge every month,
whether it's on my own or with someone doing something like Lisa is doing. 

I do have my own guidelines for this challenge.
I will shop if it's a good sale and I'm near the store.
(Because in my head, it's silly not to shop the sales.
That's what I do. 😀)
 Mostly I will use what I have in my pantry and freezer.
Of course if Ernie wants to fix dinner, 
(which means he'll go get take out)
I will not refuse.
It's kind of like date night. LOL

I'm excited to make my meal plan.
I'll probably do that a week or so at a time like I already do.

I'm excited about not grocery shopping. 
This is going to be so much fun!

Monday, December 18, 2017

Design Wall Monday & Quiltville Mystery Link-Up

Have I said I am loving each step of On Ringo Lake???
If you haven't started yet,
check out the tab at Quiltville.
This is one of my favorite quilt units.

I made a whole quilt of this block with a larger half square triangle added to make it a square.
You can see what I mean as I start my own quilt from this block.
My finished quilt is here.


I love chain piecing.
I love creating the mountain behind my machine.

I love chain pressing.
I also love a hot iron and this pressing pad.
I learned (again!) not to lay my arm on the pad after pressing my pieces.
Owie, owie!

After finishing my units,
I pulled out my Tumbler's Leader/Ender project.
It's time to get this made into a quilt top.
It's already on my UFO list for 2018 but it's in the front of my brain 
so it's time to just get 'er done.
After all, I only need a few more rows.
How long can that take???
Maybe I'll have a top before Friday.
Maybe I'll have to choose something different for UFO #9 before the Challenge starts!
Wouldn't that be fantastic!?!

Check out all the fabulousness at

Saturday, December 16, 2017

I May Be In Big Trouble

I have a hexi problem! I just made my 2018 UFO Challenge List and 5 are hexi quilts with another being a hand pieced quilt that all need to be finished. So why am I even thinking of starting something new??? Here's my logical reason---I need to learn something new. There, that's the best I can do. If I were being honest with myself, I would simply say just because I want to!

Now my mind is all consumed with a new hexie project. Because you know I have no plans to start any new quilts in 2018. Hahahaha, I am so funny.

This morning I'm reading Mary's blog-Quilting through Rose-colored Trifocals!  I get sucked in to how she is piecing her hexies on her machine. This is not my first time reading her blog. I don't know why I reacted to it like I did today. But I'm fine with my reaction. It shows how passionate I am about quilting.

OMG, I am in so deep. I quickly go to Marti Michell's website and order Set H for 3" hexies and I needed a corner trimmer so I can use some of my own templates.  

Now I will wait for a shipping notice and then stalk the mailbox. I am going to do my homework and learn Mary's method Set-In Piecing Simplified. And I'm going to practice. Can you tell I'm excited.!!

In the meantime, I'm going to finish clue 4 to On Ringo Lake and work on my Tumblers quilt top so when that number is called for the UFO Challenge, it will be or be closer to a complete quilt top.

2018 UFO Challenge

Circle of Jewels
Leftover from last year's UFO list.

Castle Wall
Hand pieced--need a few more blocks.

This is a carry over from April during the 2017 UFO Challenge.
It's a good plan so I am going to follow it when this number is called.

On The Road Quilt
I have not stitched one single stitch in this on the road! LOL
I have been working on this.
As of today December 16, 2017,
 I need to make 6 more blue rosettes and 7 more yellow/orange rosettes.
I have been very busy stitching rosettes to the mother ship.

Mischief Quilt
Started March 2017.
I put this away in October 2017 but I'm determined to finish it in 2018.

The Hexi Blog BOM 
A carry over from 2017 UFO Challenge. 
Ready for quilting.
This will be fun!

Garlic Knots
Still trying to decide, borders or no borders.

Jamestown Landing
Quilting will happen in 2018.

Tumblers Leader/Ender
Carry over from 2017 UFO Challenge and a current WIP.

Borders or no borders?
Still undecided.

Grandmother's Choice Sampler
The oldest UFO on this list.
What's funny about this is I saved all the scraps in it's own bin.
I pulled scraps from it recently for make a wall hanging.
It's time to quilt this beauty and clean out the scrap bin.
A neglected top from the 2017 UFO Challenge.

Deli Geese

My goals for 2018 are to make a major dent in my UFO collection.
I have not counted them. 
Maybe I'll make a list for myself.
(It's been a few years since I've done that.)
Maybe I won't.