2017 Finish List

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Sunday, June 25, 2017

Design Wall Monday

Yippee, Yahoo!!
My UFO for June is now a compete quilt top.
I need to cut the binding and make the back.
The simple quilting design has been decided upon.
This will be taken to the beach for sitting around outside.
Will it be ready for our next trip?
Probably not.
But it's HOT here, not Arizona hot but too hot for Western Washington State!
99ยบ is too much for me. 
So I've spent a whole lot of time in my air conditioned sewing room.

These are my favorite blocks.
I had to include a chicken, butterflies and bees. 

My most exciting accomplishment of the week is getting all of my 
Midnight Flight blocks sewn together.
I've put this on hold until the Deli Geese quilt is finished.
But I'm super excited to get back to it.
As I was cleaning in my sewing room,
I did cut fabric for the some of the border units that I forgot to cut.
So now I just have to sit and sew and sew and sew. 

I know how lucky I am that I get to do the things I love pretty much whenever I want.
Retirement is awesome!

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Sunday, June 18, 2017

Design Wall Monday

While babysitting the grands the other day, 
I cut more Mischief Quilt kits.
While I was cutting, they were playing.
It's lots of fun to play puzzle with quilt blocks.

I've been working on them in the evenings again.
This just proves my point of not stitching when I am dog tired.
It's all fixed now and a finished block.

I also worked on my June UFO for Judy L's UFO Challenge.

I have all 16 of my blocks made and
 today I  worked up this design in EQ7 will make a fun quilt.
None of my blocks match these blocks.
I just wanted to be sure my sashing design would work and I think it will.

 Next I dug in my stash for some great border fabrics.
I'm excited to get this top made this week.

I also worked on Midnight Flight blocks.
All kits are prepared and I used these as leaders/enders this week.
I've just got a few more before all the quarter blocks are made. 

Monday, June 05, 2017

2017 UFO Challenge Update

Judy at Patchwork Times is doing her 2017 UFO Challenge 
and I'm playing along.

I'm not a great player but I'm trying.

Last month she chose # 11 which is my Scrappy Stars.
I had a bunch of 3" string blocks and crumb blocks so I got busy.

I saw a quilt Bonnie was working on and I loved her stars so I made mine like hers. 
My quilt top is a cuddle quilt,not bed size.
I'm pretty anxious to quilt this one.

I had all the blocks complete before retreat.
I thought it would be fun to show Bonnie how I was setting my blocks.
I haven't seen her finished quilt.
I just know that this is as far as I'm going with mine.
Daisy tested and approved. 

Now I can get  out June's UFO and get busy with that.

I have 6 complete blocks and parts for several more.
This is UFO #7,
Deli Geese Project, a free design from Pat Speth of Nickel Quilts.
If you search her archives. these are still available.
(While going to get the link, I noticed an new project has started.
Do I dare look???)
I've decided to march forward with another cuddle quilt.
I'll figure out how many more I need and get busy, 
I'm sure I have enough charm packs and squares to make more than enough blocks. 

Design Wall Monday

 The Mojo Has Returned

I found my mojo at retreat and thank goodness it has stayed with me!
I've got all my parts for Midnight Flight sewn together.
I think.
You know I've miscounted something but
I have lots of extra fabric so it's nothing to get panicky about.

I'm working on block quarters now from the kits I have made up.
I have a nice stack of them. 
Ooohh, I see a frinckle I need to check out.
I think I'll take some TV time this week and finish kitting up the quarter blocks.
A few more blocks were added to Oklahoma Backroads as leader/enders.

Along with block sewing, there has been some t shirt sewing!
I love the Laundry Day Tee and how it fits me.
Next project is making the dreaded pants pattern that fits.
I can do it!

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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Design Wall Monday on Wednesday

We headed to the beach last Thursday for Memorial Weekend and came home Tuesday.
My Design Wall Monday was postponed. 

I took my bin with Midnight Flight parts and pieces.
I decided I wanted to make up block kits.
I made quite a few blocks quarters.

I had lots of parts already sewn and bundled together.
Here is my bag of bags. 
It's stuffed full.
Each snack bag holds 2 quarter blocks. 
I should have counted. 

The chevron bunches on the left are how many of each I have left to sew the corners on.
The bundle on the right are pairs waiting for their HSTs and 4 patches.
I plan to be cutting and sewing today.

It was a beautiful weekend at the beach.
Friday was sunny and warm,
the rest of the time was overcast, mild and no rain.
It was the big garage sale event this weekend. 
I found a new old sewing machine that needs some work
and a few other treasures. 
I didn't think Ernie would like to go sale hopping but he loved it.
I may be in trouble. 

Monday, May 22, 2017

Design Wall Monday

During retreat with Bonnie Hunter,
one of our classes was Garden Party.
I have a completed top already but want to make another
and set this one with my framed 9 patches making the diagonal path.
Isn't it going to be fun!!!

I chose to use yellow for my flower centers and
I have some really cool yellow with bees on it.
I shared my bees with my friends and saw many blocks with bee centers.
Thank you to my friend BJ for putting this fabric in a scrap bag
and gifting it to me.

This is my completed Garden Party top
and it will soon be under my needle for quilting.

Design Wall Monday has moved to Small Quilts and Doll Quilts.
Thank you Judy H for keeping DWM going~
I love my Monday tour of Blogland.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Retreating With Bonnie

I'm home from 4 days of quilt retreat and classes with Bonnie Hunter.
I have a long internet friendship with Bonnie, 
from the beginning of her sharing and inspiring from her Quiltville website.
When I found her in the early years, I knew I found my quilting person.
When retreat plans were first discussed among friends for our area, 
I thought it would never happen.
When it did, I thought the day would never get here.
But it did and it was worth the 3+ year wait!
Thanks Robin and Sonya for making it happen.
And for making it happen at our favorite retreat spot, Royal Ridges.
For more pictures and happenings,

I take a picture of this tree snag on the first day of each retreat I attend.
Day 1 was spent setting up and sewing on our own projects.

Bonnie and Mary hanging Midnight Flight 
which was our first class on day 2.
I have 1 block made and parts for many more.

Table demo.

I sat with Brandy and Trina.
They are awesome friends!
My face and stomach still hurt from laughing.

Day 3 was Garden Party class.
I am making a second quilt using green for my framed 9 patches.

Day 4 lecture.
OhMyGosh, if you have a chance to listen to this fabulous woman talk,
get yourself there any way you can.

After a wonderful lecture and show and share,
I have many squirrels to chase.
The new list is long.

Waiting for lunch to be ready on day 4.
What a wonderful gathering of women.
So many new friendships were made.
The love of quilting is our bond.

As I was leaving last night, 
the sun was setting.
The sky was a vivid orange.
I felt rejuvenated by my time here.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

On and Off The Needles

I started writing this Friday and then all of the sudden,
no internet!
For hours!

I found the pattern for Groovy Socks on Ravelry.
Unfortunately, it is no longer available.
The pattern calls for a different heel but since these were my
passenger seat knitting socks, 
I used my regular ole heel instead of learning something new.
I'll do it on the next ones.

By the time we got to the beach, 
I was ready start do the toe decrease.
I told Ernie I was going to have them finished by the time we got home.
I was wrong,
I finished them at home.
I was too busy loving on...

Our reason for doing a 1 day round trip to the beach.
We adopted this gorgeous chocolate lab from
OMGoodness, if I could have, I would have brought 2 more home with me.
I could easily turn into that crazy dog lady with too many dogs.

It's been a long time since I've done an On The Needles post...September!
I'll try to do better and maybe I'll finish that Frankensock I still haven't finished.
I'm linking up late to Patchwork Times On The Needles.

Monday, May 08, 2017

Design Wall Monday

 What a fabulous 2 weeks I've had!
We spent 8 days at the beach!
Lots of clamming, reading, relaxing, walking, talking, resting.
I worked on Wild and Goosey.
I knitted on socks.
We did a few small projects on our property.
We made major plans for improvement.
Doug and his family visited one day.
It was a wonderful vacation!

When we came home, 
I was in the mood to sew!
I finished my Crabapple quilt.
No picture yet.
I finally got the borders on my Garden Party.
I'd love to have it quilted before retreating with Bonnie,
but that just isn't going to happen because it's 8 days away 
and I have other things to do between now and then.

Clamming finally opened for us and DWFW was generous
and upped the limit from 15 to 25.
That brought out hordes of people.
I'm not a great digger but I do my best and 
Ernie will have yukky clams to eat whenever he wants.
I don't have to ration them. ๐Ÿ˜‰

This is my favorite beach picture.
My gray haired men.

Now it's time to get back to a bit of reality before retreat.
My list is long.

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Monday, April 24, 2017

Design Wall Monday

The mojo was missing most of the month but I think it's returned.
For a minute maybe.
The quilting is finally finished on Crabapples.
It didn't take too long to get it trimmed up and binding on.
I was going to take it to the beach to stitch the binding,
but I was sitting on the couch petting it so I grabbed the hand stitching box and started.

After the binding was finished, 
I had just a few minutes left of my audio book.
I grabbed my bin with Oklahoma Backroads and 
decided to make one block.
I need to get busy and get the rest of this kitted up.
I've been using the 4 patches for my leader/ender and 
think I need to see where I'm at with them.

The other day I watched a you tube video and the gal was making Chocolate Cherry Jam.
So I ordered the newest Ball canning book and bought some frozen cherries.
Here's a helpful tip,
Cherries are expensive,
3 little bags were $12!
When I chopped them up,
they equaled 3 cups.
I need 6 cups.
I made half a batch.
It's good, really good!
I'll buy cherries when they are fresh and make more.
Or find a new/cheaper source for frozen.

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Monday, April 17, 2017

Design Wall Monday

We spent some time at the beach last week.
Finally, for the first time this year, we could dig clams on Long Beach.
Something about toxins, blah, blah, blah.
I love spending time at the beach!

My beach sewing project is Wild & Goosey.
I added these little blocks to my pile.
I've decided to just keep making the littles so I'll have a good variety 
when it's time to make them into bigs.
I need to add to my little fabric stash for the next trip.

I basted more gray hexies for the On The Road Quilt.
Half the blue rosettes are each surrounded by 12 gray hexies.
Then other half are surrounded by neutral scrappy pieced hexies.
I need to make more of those too.

I glue basted several more Mischief pieces.

Here is my new little sewing set up.
The kitchen table is too high or
my chair is too low. 
This is just right!

We are headed back next week.
Today I'm going to visit the other design wall blog posts that are linking to