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Sunday, July 15, 2018

Design Wall Monday on Sunday Night

I am all excited to be sewing on a found project,
 better know as a squirrel.

Did you all see there is a Squirrel! Club?  
I love it!

I've had these 4 gifted blocks for quite a few years.
I've always known I wanted to continue and make a quilt with them.
I pulled out my 30's fabrics to bust more of these scraps.
Then I got online and ordered yardage for borders, binding and backing.

That center block on the top row was from my very first project using the Tri-Recs rulers.

I made a table mat and made enough to make 2 but only made 1.
It's being used in the bus. 
I still have 8 little blocks so I using 4 as corner blocks on the outside border.

I sat down at the computer and chose a few blocks.
It was lots of fun to choose and kit up these blocks.
It was more fun to sew them. 

I have these 2 blocks to sew up and then I can set them.
We are headed back to the beach with family this week, 
so that won't happen until the weekend.

As I was cutting, 
I noticed all the rulers I had out. 
I like to call these the tools of my trade. 😉
I like the Essential Triangle Ruler but on occasion, 
I grab the old standby Easy Angle and Companion Angle. 

Another UFO is being busted!
It felt good to make great progress this weekend. 
It was so hot here that I didn't mind spending all that time 
in my air conditioned sewing room.

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Friday, July 13, 2018

I Like Thursdays #13 on Friday the 13th

We just got home from a few days at the beach. 

Before we left, I did some fun stuff.

I finished Grandson Leland's quilt. 
He's quite happy with it.
I'm talking giant kiss and hug happy!!

I learned to use my new ProClick binding system. 

I now have several of my pattern instructions bound into booklets.

I found my July UFO in my jungle of a sewing room.
I like that the backing and the binding were with it.

When we got to the beach, we learned the deer have found a way into our fenced area.
Those sneaky sneaks have been jumping our fence.

They like pretty flowers.

They really like the geraniums.
See that guard dog Daisy?
She was not on duty at the time.
Because if she had been, this may or may not have happened.

Tony was not on duty either.
We think they started by reaching over the corner fence to get the snowball bush.
Then figured they should just come on in.
Maybe they thought I had some cookies and coffee.

Ernie helped our friend Bill build his new chicken coop.
I stayed at the bus to sew. 
My seam guide had lost it's sticky.
I couldn't believe I didn't have any tape of any kind.
But I had a band-aid and it worked great.

I love my little ironing board.
It just makes me smile.
And that little iron is the best!

I've been great progress on my I hate the freeway socks.
One more trip and I may be able to wear them.
After it cools down again.

I love summer but I'm a fair weather gal. 
Give me high 70s-low 80s.
That's why I love the beach! 

Have a wonderful week.
I hope it is full of all the things you like.

Sunday, July 08, 2018

Design Wall Monday on Sunday Afternoon

Design Wall Monday may not happen for me. 
I've got myself in a pickle.
 Or a giant mess that I like to call the beginning of some organization
and cleaning and clearing out. 

My sewing room has turned into my own private dumping ground. 
I will not share too many pictures as it's a huge embarrassment. 

It all started after I finished this quilt. 
You can read all about it here if you want to.
All I wanted to do was pull out the UFO for July and make my plan.

First I decided to take care of the backing and batting from the quilt.
I'm trying to do that with each project I finish.
The really big pieces were folded up and put back on the shelf to use on another backing.
Then the smaller strips were cut and put away.
I cut the batting pieces into 14" hunks to use on my quilt as you go string blocks.
These are stored away in a box, ready to use.

So after taking care of that,
I decided to cut a bag of scraps and make a dent in that mess.
I was on a roll so I grabbed another bag.
I have my sewing machine table covered in pile of strips and squares and containers.
It's still like that today. 
I may have created a bigger mess than I started with.
I admit it, I have a scrap problem.
I cannot say no.
Oh Jeez Judy!!
I called it quits for the night, planning to start again in the morning. 

This morning instead of going back in, 
I decided to take care of some paper clutter.
Oh yes, I am a procrastinator! 
I love pdf downloaded patters and have lots.
 and stewing about it for a few months, I finally ordered one for myself.

Now my pattern instructions for my clothes are all taken care of.
I have lots more that just these 3. 

I'm going to purchase a couple of these magazine holders to store them in.
One of these days, I'll start on my quilt patterns that I've printed off the internet.
But not today,
I've chased enough squirrels this weekend.

So through all this chaos I found my July UFO.
Really, I knew right where it was.
Grandmother's Choice Sampler that started in October of 2012. 
I finished the top February 2014.
Backing and binding were ready in the bag.
I just need to cut the batting and give everything a good press 
and get basting.
Or call my friend Jane and have her long arm it for me. 

I did find a few more UFOs I've forgotten about.
Why do I do this to myself. 

No more whining,
I'm going to go clean up my sewing machine table so I can sew. 
Or cut a few more scraps.

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Friday, July 06, 2018

June's UFO Complete! WaaHoo!!

The 2014 Hexi BOM turned out cute!
Again I ask myself why did I wait so long.

A cute back.

This is for my grandson Leland.
He doesn't ask for much and when he first saw it, he loved all the blocks.
Today I asked him if he wanted it.
You should have seen that precious face light up.
It was fun to try to write words.

 Hugs, hearts, kisses and love.

This was a pretty good book. 
Not greatly exciting but it held my interest and kept me quilting.

Now that I am caught up with this years UFO Challenge from Patchwork Times,
I need to hunt down July's UFO.
It's in there somewhere.

Edited to add cuteness.

He likes his new quilt.

Wednesday, July 04, 2018

I Like Thursdays #12

Happy Birthday America

I like this guy.
"Someone" hit the steps with the lawn mower.
Let's blame Steve.
This is Ernie, the love of my life-he blames Steve all the time.😉
I say it's just an excuse to go to Home Depot.
He got his replacement stuff and brought me home petunias. 💖

I like happy mail.
I can't wait to use this new ruler.
It was fun to do through the Date Keeper and see how many of Bonnie's quilts I have made.
I have made lots and lots.
I have a list, it's long.

I really like string blocks. 
I like the mindless sewing of them.
I like to reach in and blindly pick a fabric and sew it on.
Neutrals are my favorite colors.

I needed 21 of these blocks.
They are trimmed and ready to use.

I spent Wednesday spray basting a quilt using homemade spray
This is the first time I've tried it on a larger quilt.

It was fun to work on the deck table.
A nice breeze blew most of the day so I used cans as weights. 
I found a tip about using a ruler to smooth the fabric.
It worked great.
I'm anxious to start quilting to see how it holds together.

The wagon of Wave Petunias looks fabulous! 
I just makes me smile.

This is May 15th when I planted them.

My fuchsia is doing great.

The hedge of hydrangeas is going to soon be in full bloom.

Hope everyone had a great day celebrating America.

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Monday, July 02, 2018

Design Wall Monday

I've been working on moving some UFOs forward.
Last week I showed you the square in a square blocks,
they are for a border for this quilt.
I worked on Castle Wall blocks this week.
I needed 3 more.
Instead of hand piecing these, 
I decided to try machine piecing.
I should have tried that after the 1st 3 blocks,
it took some time but was fun.

Then I started putting the rows together.
Pin, pin, pin.
Next I run out of bobbin thread after "sewing" almost a whole row.
Swear, pin, pin, swear, pin.
This project has been put back on the shelf until it's number is called.

Next UFO to work on is my Triangle Gathering quilt.
This is not on the UFO Challenge list so I need to work on it until it's complete.
I decided not to make all the blocks-only 21
and use 21 string blocks for the alternate blocks.

I sew on phone book pages,
tear off the paper, then trim to size and cut my triangles.
I use the Essential Triangle Tool to cut my triangles. 

WhaaLaa! My alternate block.
I love strings!!

It feels good to get some of the UFOs moving along.
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Thursday, June 28, 2018

I Like Thursday #11

In no order at all, here are this week's things I like.
We left for the beach last Monday.
I wrote my blog post before we left and posted it Thursday from my phone.
I tried to upload more photos from my phone but I was a failure. LOL

I try to send a beach picture to my friend Sue each time we are there.
Beach pictures never get old.

We spent time with 2 of our favorite people.
Pam has been my dear friend since high school.
We loaned her and Bill our chipper so they could clean up their new yard.
I think they had fun working so hard.

I love motorhome sewing!

We were driving around looking for bears but only found bunnies.
There are no bunnies in this picture.
Were you looking for bunnies? 

The poop deck is doing great,
thanks to Pam because she comes over and waters all the time for us.

Putting things up to head home.
The motorhome/bus looks lonely already.
Yes, that is an old school bus.

The kids are ready to roll!
My knitting bag and purse sit between my feet for easy access.
I need to passenger seat knit.

Back home on Friday meant I could sew like a crazed woman!
I finished this quilt.
This will go to the beach for outside sitting coziness.

We had a picnic at the park to celebrate Taylor's graduation.
I love finding selfies on my phone.!!

My sister Karen on the left, her daughter Katie and my daughter Crystal.

I spotted this on the shelter post.
I thought it was meant for Ernie and I. 

I tried machine piecing Castle Wall blocks.
I had been hand piecing these for a while and had 3 left to finish.
I should have tried machine piecing after the first 3!!

I really like audio books. 
I really like that I can download them for free from my library.
I really, really like the library.
This one was really good.

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