Friday, September 06, 2019

Perfectly Imperfect Easy Street

I'm sew excited to have the quilting finished on Easy Street.
This is April's UFO from Judy L's challenge.
Today the binding will go on.

Why Perfectly Imperfect?
When I basted the quilt, I had the back the inside down instead of up.
I noticed it when I had it about 3/4 quilted.
I am not a perfectionist.
I just kept on quilting. 
No big deal, it's going on my bed.

Here is how embarrassingly far behind I was on my UFO Challenge projects.
Now I can remove the top 2 sticky notes. 
Today is stay home and have a binding and basting party day.

Doggie cuteness.
Just like kids, one will not give up her favorite spot
so the other makes do to get what he wants.
Win, win.

Sunday, August 25, 2019

March UFO Moving to the Finished List

I'm working on my 2019 UFO Challenge list.
I'm behind, very behind.
So now I am going to work on catching up,
2 months at a time. 
It might be the excitement of my new to me Sweet Sixteen.
Who cares why,
I'm just excited to be quilting again. 

So the March UFO is quilted and Daisy approved. 
I'll head in now and trim it and sew on the binding.

It's always good when the binding is premade so the mojo keeps flowing. 

I have bobbins wound for April's UFO that is all basted and ready to go.
Easy Street is up next. 

Bur first I have to change the needle in the Sweet Sixteen.
Cross your fingers for me. 

Saturday, August 24, 2019

Welcome To The Family Sweet Sixteen

I've been wanting to upgrade my beloved Brother 1500 machine to a 

I've wanted one for a few years and lately started looking seriously.
I looked at new, 
I looked for used.
There are not many used machines on the market.
I looked in 3 states and recently found one 3 hours from me.

Yesterday we took a road trip to north western Washington to test drive one.

Who am I kidding, I knew I was bringing it home with me.

She is now set up in the living room.
I played with her for quite a while last night.
I watched videos and played some more.
I'm confident in my free motion and I'm ready to start quilting.

Today I had to put off quilting to get a couple of quilts basted. 
I am so behind on my UFO Challenge list that I pulled the 
March and April UFOs off the pile and basted them.

I'm about ready to wind a couple of bobbins and 
be brave and start quilting. 

I hope to soon be moving these and several others to the finish page. 

9pm Update

The learning curve is quite curvy but I'm having so much fun!

Thursday, August 08, 2019

Family Fun at the Beach

 Crystal, Mike and kiddos came to the beach for a little vacation before school starts.
So much fun!

 Clella loves to cuddle with my little Jessie,
he avoids her if he can. 😉
But if I put him on her lap and she covers him with a quilt,
he'll lay there as long as she does.
Granddog Sadie refuses to be left out!

Tony dog found his spot too.

Clella learned embroidery and is now working on a stitch sampler.
I didn't mind at all when she asked if she could have some of my threads.
I did make her up a supply bag and boy oh boy,
she picked up the stitches so fast!

Big funny with these two.
It's all about the matching hats.

Kiddos take turns helping with the meals.
Corbin loves to help with breakfast.
He was so proud of how awesome his table looked. 
He id a great job.

Every morning is hot cocoa.
Most every evening is S'mores.
Sometimes if you are going home early,
 S'mores are for 2nd breakfast. 

When Gramma begs and whines,
Elliot caves and gives her the foot massage.
This man child melts my heart!

I love my just sitting back and watching everyone to their thing!
Lots of card games and Yahtzee.

The traditional family camping photo.
I think I need to print and frame this.

I cry when they leave but 
after a few minutes, 
I'm ok but
It sure is quiet!!!

Thursday, August 01, 2019

Hello August!

What happened to Judy in July.....
what is she doing and why isn't she posting???  

Could it be the dog days of summer?
Could it be because she has nothing exciting to post?
Could it be because she is playing too hard?
Is it because she is a champion procrastinator? 

I quilted this UFO wall hanging.
It still needs a trip through the washer and dryer.
Then I'll share the finish.

I've been dehydrating extra broccoli from my small deck garden.
We've eaten a lot of it but I want some for winter too.

We spent a lot of time at the beach.
This is the back corner of our lot and it was a small jungle.
We paid for the whole lot, we want to use the whole lot!

So we borrowed our son's tractor.

I say we like I did so much work.
Nope, I mostly stayed out of the way.
Our friend Bill was a huge help!

I took a big bag of half square bonus triangles 
and cut them to the size I need for my new leader/ender project.
I'm doing the new Quiltville l/e project that can be found in the tab section of her blog.

I forgot my rotary cutter at home and was quite mad at myself over it.
Ernie was going to get some diesel for the tractor 
so I asked if he would look at Jack's for a rotary cutter.
He did, they didn't have one.
So my super sweet husband went to Long Beach and found one at Dennis Company.
Oh how I miss the quilt shop there!!!

The poop deck is gorgeous.
Our friends Pam and Bill comes over and waters when we aren't there. 
I couldn't have flowers without them.

Mean while, back at home,
my hydrangeas exploded. 
Absolutely gorgeous this year.
We've been putting wood stove ash on them all winter and spring.
I think it helped a lot!

I made some wine bottle carry bags as gifts for friends.
They were fun, quick projects.
I had to have one too. 😉

I'm UFO busting some of my embroidery work.
This is quite cute up on my sewing room wall.
I have my next embroidery UFO out and have started working on it.
I've also decided to start some wool applique and 
have a couple of kits ordered.

This week we've had fun watching this silly guy 
at his baseball camp.

We brought him home with us 
and had to have pictures in front of the hydrangeas.

I'm ready now for a big quilt basting party in my living room. 
I am ready to quilt again.

I'll be back when I'm back.
Hopefully a bit more often now.
See you soon, thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

I Like Thursday #46

Last Thursday I picked up the kiddos and brought them over to earn some $$

On the way over, I explained what a side hustle was.
School is their main hustle and earning money is a side hustle.

We believe in teaching the kids about hard work and the rewards of that work.

We also believe that some jobs are because we are family
and that's what family does. 

Wood is their summer side hustle.
Gramma and Poppy couldn't be prouder of how hard theses kiddos worked.
Lunch, fresh made chocolate chip cookies and ice cream made the day a bit more special!

I don't like to mend but I do it.
And when I do I remember time spent with my Mother in Law as she taught me
"the proper way to mend".
She told me as a young couple, we didn't need to spend our hard earned money on new clothes
for her son to go to work in and rip up.
So for our 46+ years of marriage, I've mended work clothes. 
I like remembering that day.
I miss her a lot.

Friday we went to the beach for a few days.
I was ready for some sewing time.
I grabbed Betty Brother and a bag of batik scraps.

Channeling Victoria Findlay Wolfe, I started making fabric
and cutting with my Drunkard's Patch.
I have lots of parts and pieces ready to make blocks.

Tony Stewart did really good riding in the new car.

On the way home we stopped for gas and Daisy decided it was her turn to drive.

Little Jessie's bed fits perfectly and Daisy gets to have her head on the arm rest. 
Dogs are so funny!

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Thursday, June 20, 2019

I Like Thursday #45

I took a bit of a blogging break.
I really missed my Thursday posts.
So here I am again. 😃

I like using my clothesline.
When I asked hubs if he would tighten it up,
we figured out these posts have been here over 43 years!
She really needs a new coat of paint.

I'll be saying goodbye to my beloved Honda soon.
She's served me well for over 17 years, 
only leaving me stranded once.

I hope this one serves me as well.

I love baking bread.
This is my favorite recipe.
I added some Herb de Provence to the dough.
Oooohhh yummy! 

I love my container garden.
The big ole Steller Jay loved my lettuce seeds.

I love how happy Elliot is that he is taller than Aunt DeeDee.
I also love how big their smiles and hugs are when they are surprised to see her.

The library is a magical place! 
I'm stepping out of my quilting comfort zone with some of these techniques.
I'm pretty excited about that.

Tomatoes on the vine.
I can smell their deliciousness! 

Have a wonderful week.
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