Tuesday, June 25, 2019

I Like Thursday #46

Last Thursday I picked up the kiddos and brought them over to earn some $$

On the way over, I explained what a side hustle was.
School is their main hustle and earning money is a side hustle.

We believe in teaching the kids about hard work and the rewards of that work.

We also believe that some jobs are because we are family
and that's what family does. 

Wood is their summer side hustle.
Gramma and Poppy couldn't be prouder of how hard theses kiddos worked.
Lunch, fresh made chocolate chip cookies and ice cream made the day a bit more special!

I don't like to mend but I do it.
And when I do I remember time spent with my Mother in Law as she taught me
"the proper way to mend".
She told me as a young couple, we didn't need to spend our hard earned money on new clothes
for her son to go to work in and rip up.
So for our 46+ years of marriage, I've mended work clothes. 
I like remembering that day.
I miss her a lot.

Friday we went to the beach for a few days.
I was ready for some sewing time.
I grabbed Betty Brother and a bag of batik scraps.

Channeling Victoria Findlay Wolfe, I started making fabric
and cutting with my Drunkard's Patch.
I have lots of parts and pieces ready to make blocks.

Tony Stewart did really good riding in the new car.

On the way home we stopped for gas and Daisy decided it was her turn to drive.

Little Jessie's bed fits perfectly and Daisy gets to have her head on the arm rest. 
Dogs are so funny!

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Thursday, June 20, 2019

I Like Thursday #45

I took a bit of a blogging break.
I really missed my Thursday posts.
So here I am again. 😃

I like using my clothesline.
When I asked hubs if he would tighten it up,
we figured out these posts have been here over 43 years!
She really needs a new coat of paint.

I'll be saying goodbye to my beloved Honda soon.
She's served me well for over 17 years, 
only leaving me stranded once.

I hope this one serves me as well.

I love baking bread.
This is my favorite recipe.
I added some Herb de Provence to the dough.
Oooohhh yummy! 

I love my container garden.
The big ole Steller Jay loved my lettuce seeds.

I love how happy Elliot is that he is taller than Aunt DeeDee.
I also love how big their smiles and hugs are when they are surprised to see her.

The library is a magical place! 
I'm stepping out of my quilting comfort zone with some of these techniques.
I'm pretty excited about that.

Tomatoes on the vine.
I can smell their deliciousness! 

Have a wonderful week.
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Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Where Have I Been and What Have I Been Doing?

 Here's a big ole post with all kinds of stuff that happened around the farm.

May is my birthday month and I buy myself all kinds of gifts.
I was in Walmart one day and took a wrong turn looking for thread.
This Brother SE625 sewing and embroidery machine was on clearance for less than 1/2 price
and jumped right into my cart!

We spent Memorial Weekend at the beach with family.
S'mores are a must!
I love our beach time.

I've been loving my wicking tub garden.
Yesterday I harvested my first kale.

We did a major front yard make over.
It all started with asking Ernie to take a walk because
I have a plan and would it work.

I've wanted this to happen for a very long time.
This is only Phase 1 and Phase 2 will happen soon.

While at the beach,
I cut all the parts for a mystery BOM project.
I sewed them all up when I got home.
I'm excited for the final clue.

We went to town to look at a used car.
We came home with a brand new shiny Honda CRV.
This is my very 1st brand new car.
I keep my cars forever.

This was another of my birthday gifts.
Fresh pasta is the bomb!

Hubs cut down a bunch of trees.
They were rotting and dying.
Better he cuts them and lays them down where he wants before
they fall over onto power lines or fences.

I have baby squash!!!
Super excited.

Last Saturday was the annual hunting club picnic.
It's one of their biggest fund raisers for the year. 
I DID NOT make the quilt, but daughter Crystal did.
Her dad was quite proud of her and
the gal that won it was super excited.

So there you have it, 
4 weeks of catch up.

I hope to do better.

Finish #11

It's been a minute since I've posted anything.
I think about it but that's as far as I get.
I'm hoping my blog break is over for a while.
I'll catch up in another post.

I worked on this Stars and Stripes Wall Hanging kit at retreat last month.
When I was getting ready to baste it, 
I notice that my stripes looked weird.

I had given away the instructions so 
back to Connecting Threads website I went in search of the kit.
It was still there so I took a picture of  it and got out my seam ripper.
(It's no longer on the website.)

It was all fixed good as new and I got it and another wall hanging basted.
In 2 days of little bits of quilting time,
I now have finish #11 of 20 Finishes Before 2020.

Now to figure out where to hang it.
I'm thinking in the trailer or the bus or the house.

Next up is a cute basket wall hanging 
then a special new pink and purple quilt.

And then I plan to get caught up on my 2019 UFO Challenge. 
I'm only 4 behind. UGH!!
There is a plan.
The tops are all out, the backings are made or bought,
thread and designs are chosen and noted
and a new roll of batting at the ready.

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

2020 Finish #10

Garden Party is finished and Daisy tested and approved.
She thinks if I lay a quilt on the floor for a picture, 
she needs to be right there!
Hope you enjoyed that Daisy Doodles,
it's the last time you get to lay on this quilt.

I quilted a simple meander.
After removing the wavy outer borders, this top sat there taunting me.
I finally couldn't take it any more so I got to work on putting them back on the right way.
No more just winging it for me.
I knew better at the time but decided to risk it,
My Big Mistake!
I am thrilled with this quilt! 

I don't think I did too bad on this one,
only 2 years marinating before finishing. 

2020 Finish #9

Hooray! Virginia Bound is a finished quilt!!!
She already has a home in our travel trailer. 

I also busted some hunks of fabric for the back.
Scrappy front needs a scrappy back.
Quilting is simple meander.
Scrappy black binding came from my binding box.
I need to use more black binding since there was only 4 inches left over.

Tuesday, May 07, 2019

Month 1 Deck Garden Update

Isn't this pretty?
A present from my honey!
The butterfly is a present to myself.

Green tub is full of water-only a little dirt on the Blue Moon Pumpkins.
Orange bucket is spaghetti squash planted today.
Green bucket is a yellow pear cherry tomato 
Estimated to grow 6 to 12 feet!

Bucket on the right has nothing in it yet.
On the left is Debut Hybrid tomato.
It's supposed to get to about 3 feet tall, I'm hoping for taller.

In the orange bucket are acorn squash-my absolute favorite squash.
Middle bin is cauliflower with itty bitty caulis starting to show.
On the right is broccoli. 
I'll pick up more broccoli and cauliflower next time I'm shopping.

The bucket under the satellite dish is hailstone radishes
Right side is zucchini and yellow crocked neck squash.
On the left are 3 kinds of cucumbers. 
In the back are lemon, middle is little potato and the front is Poona Kheena.
The Little Potato and Poona Kheena are rare seeds and I'm anxious to try them. 
Once they start and grow a bit, I'll add a trellis. May even move the bin to the floor.

This is a tub of  Jade bush beans.
I'm hoping to harvest enough to can about 100 pints of beans.

In the gray bin are 2 Roma tomatoes.
And in the bucket is another Debut.

Tomato plant #6 is Super Sweet 100 Cherry.
We are most excited by this one.
We keep talking about having tomatoes and bacon for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Both cherry tomato plants are estimated to get 8-12 feet tall.
We are not replacing our deck canopy this year so the corners become tomato cages.

The lady at Walmart told us about this fertilizer that she uses on her plants.
Too bad we can't buy it there but the local Ace had it.
I need another bottle. 
The wicking tubs need fertilizer added whenever water is added. 
I learned about wicking tubs from Gardening with Leon.

I can't wait to do another update!

Monday, May 06, 2019

I'm Back With A Design Wall Monday Post

I certainly didn't intent to take a long blog break, I thought maybe a week or so but it turned into 3 weeks.  I don't know how consistent I'll be now but I'll give it a go today.

I've been putting blocks together!
Virginia Bound and Chunky Churndash leader/ender blocks.
(VB is in Scraps and Shirttails and CC is a free pattern on the Quiltville blog.)
I hope the next time (after the reveal at retreat) you see VB,
it will be a completed quilt.
That's my plan right now. 

In my last blog post I told you about getting sidetracked with these blocks.
I had planned to take these to retreat and work on them.

But my plans changed as I sewed and trimmed just a few more and a few more.
Pretty soon there were no more blocks to take to retreat.
Survivor was on so I grabbed the stack of blocks and an empty trash bag
and plopped myself down on the couch to watch TV and depaper.

On Saturday I got out the Go! Cutter and took care of a pile of scraps.
When that was finished, I decided to go ahead and get the blocks into
4s so I could sew my big blocks at retreat.
I have several of them already sewn together.
I'm now hoping to reveal the finished quilt at retreat 
since I how have a new roll of batting and renewed energy.

We spent a couple weekends at the beach.
The beach always refreshes my soul.

I took along some fabric strips with a plan to cut and kit up some blocks.
I think there are 40 little blocks ready to go.
These will to taken to retreat.
Maybe. 😉

Now I'm headed over to check on what everyone else is working on at

Until next time,
Have a wonderful week.

Monday, April 15, 2019

Design Wall Monday

Look, I've been sewing!
Saturday I was cleaning my sewing room and it was time to take a break.
I have a giant bag of scraps that were gifted to me by my friend BJ.
I decided to use my break time by sorting and cutting some of these scraps.
I was also getting things together for retreat next month..

Right there, staring me in the face, was my box with Virginia Bound by Bonnie Hunter.
It's one of my favorites from her Scraps and Shirttails book.
I started it at the fall retreat with plans to work on it again in the spring
I pulled it out to put on the retreat pile.

Maybe I'll just sew neutrals to a few blocks.
There were 2 that the centers were already trimmed, ready for neutrals.
That's when the squirrel came out. 

Oh heck, may as well get the centers to the others trimmed up and ready to work on at retreat.

I'm not sure how many a few are but this is only 2 of a pretty good pile
that I already had the centers done.
They are now all completed, trimmed and depapered. 

Sunday Morning comes around and the Mojo is strong!
Ernie already had plans for the day so I decided to sew more blocks.
And more and more and more.
Just like Lay's potato chips,
you can't eat just one!

I started this audiobook Saturday afternoon.
I'm pretty far into it and it is so good.
I'd never read anything from Kristin Hannah.
I'm really happy with whoever shared this book. 

I headed right over to my library and placed holds on all of her audiobooks.
Her books are several weeks out but I'm sure they will be worth the wait.
I added several ebooks to my wish list for when I'm finished with the series I'm reading.
The ability to down load books to my Kindle and
other devices is priceless to me. 

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Have a wonderful week.