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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Hunting Club's Big Day

 Saturday was the annual picnic for the hunting club.
I think Ernie is most excited for this day than any other day of the year.
Good times with friends and family and food.

Ernie and Larry are always in charge of slicing up the meat.
Larry and his wife Jean are our gracious hosts.
They have the most fabulous shop for entertaining.

Prizes were displayed.
Entry buckets filled up with tickets from anxious prize winners.
Grandson Leland really wanted the quilt.
Gramma tried to win it for him.

Granddaughter Taylor entered her tickets and won.
We kept it in the family again this year.
(Last year her mom won.)
Gramma has to find another elk panel and make her boy a quilt.

Thanks Yacolt Burn Sportsman Club for another fun picnic.

Sunday, May 04, 2014

Productive Weekend

It's that time of year again when I put off start making the deer quilt for the Hunting Club. For this year, I found an elk panel, an elk print and this fabulous tree print. After many sketches, I decided something simple. I wish now I had framed the pieced border with brown but I didn't have enough so it is what it is. Ernie likes it so than means all the other guys will too.

I spent yesterday cutting fabric and making up my own kits for two Bonnie Hunter classes-I'm only in one class and on the waiting list for the second so I got ready for that one too. Even if I don't get in, I'll work on the quilt that day as I pout at home.

I'm going to a retreat this month and we always do a strip swap so I got those cut up too. I figured I cut close to 20 yards of fabric yesterday and paid for it all night long. My shoulder is telling my how crazy that was. But when I'm in the mood......

Now I have to go in and finish the quilt on the frame and get on to the next one. Or I could fix dinner.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Picnic Day

Today was the annual hunting club picnic which is held in Larry (striped shirt) and Jean's (red vest) shop.  This is the most amazing shop I've ever been in! Door prizes and bucket raffle prizes are layed out to be admired and argued over. I'm sitting over to the side in charge of tickets and I look up to admire the quilt and jumping out at me is a great big mistake right up on the top row in the center....UGH!  Right then and there, I decided whoever won the quilt was going to have to give it to me so I could fix it and then give them their quilt.

The Pit Masters are checking out the grill.  They do a fabulous job cooking up the roasts.  Then they are all sliced up and devoured.  Elk, venison, moose and mountain goat and all the delicious pot luck dishes.  So much good food.

Grandson Elliot got a lesson on cleaning fish.  He was so engrossed and told me he knows how to clean a fish so when we go fishing, he will do it but I have to use the knife.  OK.

Then it was time to draw for prizes.  My family did very well.  Daughter DeeDee won the quilt and refused to give it up so I could fix it.  You should have heard her, she was thrilled.  Hubby won the chain saw, Daughter Crystal's family won 5 door prizes and Granddaughter Taylor won a door prize.   Me, I'm still pouting.......as are a whole bunch of other people!  Gift bags were given to each of the kiddos and they were thrilled. What a fun, fun day spent with family and friends.

Thursday, June 06, 2013

No More Pressure

This morning I sat down, determined to finish stitching the binding on the quilt for the hunting club picnic raffle. I the picnic is next Saturday and I feel good to have this one marked off the Getting It Done Challenge list for this month.

Again, a big thank you to the quilting angel that sent this quilt kit for our club.  I can't wait to see who wins it. Secretly (or not so secret) I'm hoping it's someone in my family.

For the back, I used up some stash fabric from past deer quilts.  It was quilted with a large meander using So Fine brown thread for top and bobbin.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Design Wall Monday

This weekend I panicked. The deer quilt is not finished. The picnic where this will be won is in 3 weeks. I knew I was going to use all the deer fabrics I've had left from the previous quilts so I got them out, measured the big chunks and started scratching my head.

Then I remembered I have EQ7 but have no clue how to draw up something with big pieces. So I did it the easy way for me, I just sized a square to 5" and colored the patches for the sizes of fabric I had. Then I started making fabric from the smaller hunks.  (I already know what I want to do with a stack of fat quarters I won at retreat. Can't wait to play with that design!)

Now both sides are sewn together, waiting for that long seam to be sewn and pressed.  Then it's cut a piece of batting, wind some bobbins and get to loading this beauty.  It's pouring rain here so today is a good day for quilting.

See other great design walls here at Patchwork Times.  

Monday, March 25, 2013

Design Wall Monday

This quilt top for the hunting club is so close to being done.
The final green border is cut and ready to sew on.
I love the way the outside quarter square triangles frame the top.
I'm positive this will raise lots of money for the club.

See other fabulous design walls at Patchwork Times.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Saturday Doin's

I started the day in the sewing room.
I am using my orange basket blocks for my leader/enders.
I have 1 more basket block to sew before I work on something else,
like my Dresden block.

I am having a good time working on the deer quilt.
I have 12 quarter square triangles to square up for the last border row,
then the final border goes on and I can make the back.

I love my 6 1/2" ruler and the Brooklyn Revolver for trimming.
See those shelf liner hunks?
I use washable school glue to glue them onto my ruler to keep it from slipping.
When I' done, they peel right off and a damp cloth cleans the glue off the ruler.

Ernie spent the morning up in the woods with Doug and Jonah cutting firewood.
When he got home, I earned more good wife points by helping unload.
Funny thing about the first load of wood for the year, 
I found all those muscles in my sides and back.

This was a big old log.
Doug counted 117 rings before he lost his place. 
That old log has lots of rotten sections in it. 

I think now I will put on my pjs and work on Mae's sweater for a while. 

Monday, March 18, 2013

Design Wall Monday

I spent Saturday-International Quilting Day-working on the deer quilt for the hunting club.

It's fun to work on a project that goes together so easy.

When looking for this pattern online for a friend, 
They have several free patterns for panels.
The free resources page has oodles of links for more free patterns.
It's a treasure trove of eye candy.

See Judy L's fabulous Road To Round Rock Quilt Along 
and other great Design Wall Monday Posts 
here at Patchwork Times.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

International Quilting Day

How did you celebrate International Quilting Day?  I had an at home Quiltathon.  I took a few breaks but for the most part it was nose to the cutting mat and sewing machine.

I spent a couple hours cutting for this quilt.  And then got myself all confused when I went to cut the second set of quarter square triangles.  There was a piece of fabric missing. The gal that sent me the quilt said she thought it was short a piece of fabric and she was right. No worries, eBay to the rescue and the exact missing piece will be in my mailbox later in the week.

This quilt is called Big Sky Country but I call it the deer quilt.  I think hunting club is going to be thrilled when they see it.

What a great quilting day.  Now I am going to park in the recliner and knit for a while.

Thursday, March 07, 2013

The Kindness Of Quilters

When I was making my Getting It Done List for March, I listed buying fabric to make the quilt for the hunting club.

Later in the day I received this email from a lady in Missoula, MT who asked to be anonymous.  I really want to tell you who she is because she is so very kind.

I have a quilt kit of wildlife fabric -- not only deer but other more-or-less local wildlife that I'd donate for your quilt raffle if you'd like it.  I'm trying to downsize my stash, but I want it to go where it is appreciated and will be used, so I thought of you when you've been talking about getting started on that quilt.  Let me know and I'll mail it off to you.

I told Ernie about it and he was shocked.  I was too but I know about the kindness and generosity of quilters.  

Yesterday this kit arrived in my mail box. I'm sure our group of hunters are going to be thrilled with the chance to win this quilt.  It will surely be appreciated and used.  I guess I should change my March list to say start this quilt. 

Thank you my friend in Missoula, MT.  You are a genuine sweetheart. 

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

It's That Time of Year Again

It's time to start thinking about the quilt for the Hunting Club picnic prize.  For the last 3 years, I have made a deer quilt for the hunting club to use as one of the raffle prizes at the annual picnic.  It has become quite the coveted prize.  I've been thinking about it and didn't have a clue what to do.  I have more than enough of this deer fabric to use as the focal fabric and really, after this much time, I'd like to be done with it.

This morning I was reading Facebook and Benartex, Inc posted something on their blog. Of course I had to go see and I found this post. So I opened up EQ7 and started looking at blocks.  In no time at all, I had a quilt designed with those 2 blocks and then it got to the borders.  I love their border but I'll save that for one of my own quilts. 

After playing, coloring, changing and more changing, I came up with this quilt.  It's prefect for a man, woman or child.  Not too big, not too small.

Then I sent my picture off to my friend Judy L for her honest opinion.  And while I waited for her response, I started figuring border dimensions.  I have learned from her that I should get my borders ready before starting the center of the quilt.  That way there is no down time while I procrastinate on cutting the borders. So with a favorable response from Judy, I am ready to shop for the perfect fabrics and get going on this.

Until then, I'll continue to work on Easy Street and UFO Hopscotch that I was working on when I finished the deer quilt 2 years ago! Oye!!! It's so easy to put things away and forget about them!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Weekend Quiltathon

After my finish last weekend, I was in the quilting mood. I put a new needle in the machine, cleaned and oiled and loaded the RWB Boxy Stars.  So much for that!  Somehow the machine was out of time.  That is the most frustrating thing for me.  So much fiddly, fiddly that it makes me nuts.  So instead, I just walk away.  Then come back and try again, get frustrated and walk away.  Really, for 3 days I did this.  Then yesterday I got mad at myself and dug out the dvd and stuck with it until I my upper and lower threads were perfectly balanced.  

The donation quilt for the VA hospital is ready to have the binding stitched down.  I cut the stripes for bias binding.  I love the diagonal stripes.  

The quilt for the hunting club is finished.  The last stitch in the binding was done at 10:30 last night.  I'd like to thank Julia Roberts and Tom Hanks for keeping me company while I stitched.

This morning I loaded up this fun flannel Split Decision quilt that was on my design wall March 14, 2011.  This was February's UFO Challenge project that didn't even make it out of the bag.  It's such a bright fun quilt, it's a shame it took me so long to quilt it.  Now I will go in and put the binding on it and it will be finished today because I will machine stitch the binding down.

What's up next??? Maybe I'll find something to practice some feathers on.  Or maybe I'll get out this month's UFO and work on it since it's my choice of a project from last year's list that I didn't do.  She says as she rolls her eyes at herself. 

Thursday, May 03, 2012

I've Changed My Mind...

...and that means I am unsewing.  (Dear Spell Check, unsewing is a real word! I love that I can decide when a word is real.)   The Wicked Easy pattern calls for a flange.  I don't like the flange but I decided I would put it in  because I seldom follow a pattern and thought maybe it would be fun for a change.  Well, I don't like the flange. So I am unsewing it.

My friend Sonya introduced me to the flange.  It soon became known as the (bed)bug catcher.  Heebie Jeebies!  (Heebie and Jeebies are now real words.)  After that conversation, I came home and vacuumed my mattress.  And I have never put a flange in a quilt.

And I never will.  I only sewed the flange to one side.  I kept looking at it and looking at it and I decided NO.  I am not going to use it here either.  I have now taken it off and I'm ready to add a 1 1/2" inner border and then do the adjustment to the outer pieced border.

Today the quilt top for the hunting club will be finished, the backing and binding will be made, bobbins will be filled and the long arm will be prepared for quilting on Friday.

Unless I change my mind.........

Monday, April 30, 2012

Design Wall Monday

These are the blocks for this year's quilt for the hunting club.  This is the third year I've made a quilt for one of the picnic door prizes.  It's the third year some of these same fabrics have been used.  I think I have enough for another quilt for next year with the addition of a new fabric or two.  It's nice that the quilt is something the club now looks forward to.

This is the Wicked Easy pattern from byAnnie.com that is no longer available.  There is another free pattern on that site called Wickedly Easy that I think I'm going to do soon.  This quilt was super fast even with the intense thinking I had to use because of the directional fabrics.

I love using the photos as an aid in laying out the blocks.  It looks like I need to lay them out again and move them around some more.

But first I'm going over to Patchwork Times and see what's on other design walls around Blogland.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Finally! The Deer Quilt Is Finished!

It sure took me a long time to get this quilt finished and I am so glad it is! Nothing like a little pressure to make things work. Monday evening is the last meeting before the big picnic on Saturday where this will be one of the big raffle prizes. I promised the guys it would be there at their meeting for a preview. Yeah me!

I hope whoever wins it will love it. Now I can work on quilts I really, really want to work on.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Design Wall Monday

Design Wall Monday on Sunday Night

Between projects (laundry and other fun things), I spent lots of time working on the deer quilt for the hunting club. The bottom section matches the top section. After yesterday's post, DD2 and the kiddos came over with dinner so no more was done on the top. When I went in this morning, I knew exactly what I wanted to do.

I think I'll go back in and work on the borders--aka get away from the tv--and maybe get this finished tonight.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

What To Do, What To Do

Today is the final day for this session of Hunter's Education for Ernie. When they finish with the range portion of the testing and all the guns are cleaned and locked away, the guys are spending the remainder of the the day doing trash pick up in the woods. It really makes me mad that people feel the need to chuck their garbage out the window of their vehicles instead of taking it home to throw away. I figured it would be the perfect day to get the deer quilt put together. I have lots of parts sewn and now have to figure the layout.

Not too sure I like so much green around the center block. I think I need to put something else there.The green 4 patches really are for one of the borders. I also like that the half square triangle borders around the deer block are different. I didn't pay attention to how the first block was sewn together when I did the second.

Now that my unexpected company has left, I'm going to eat some lunch and then get back to it.

Monday, May 09, 2011

Design Wall Monday

It's that time of year again. Time to make the quilt for the hunting club. The picnic is in June and this is how far I have gotten. I have the quilt all designed and I don't like the design I have. Now I will just go crazy and free lance a design. Each of these blocks will get a border on them so they can be made into a workable size. I have the border pieces already cut for that and strips ready to make into a checkerboard outer border. That's it for my plan so far.......but I have an idea of what I really want and have lots of time today to work on it.

To see last year's quilt, go here. (Or just look up in the header on the left side, 2nd down.~Thanks Mary C for pointing that out to me. ) Our friend Art won the quilt and says he naps under it almost daily. His wife thinks she needs to win this one because he isn't good at sharing.

To see other fabulous design walls, go here.

Thursday, April 08, 2010

One More Off the Goal List

I have a notebook where I write my monthly quilting goals. If I don't accomplish a goal within the month, I move it to the top of the next month's list. The list is helping me keep my focus. I am still starting new things but I am also working on my goals. I am happy to mark the deer quilt finished. Hubby will deliver it to his hunting club and it will hopefully raise some money for them. I think he really wants it for himself.

Next project on my list is grandson Elliot's train panel quilt. I learned so much from this quilt about panels that I've got no problem with the next two quilts that both have panels.

We are having some crazy weather here today. Snow, rain, sunshine and cold wind. I'm ready for some warmth. I started my tomato seeds the other day and this morning saw an itty bitty green spot in one seed pot. Exciting! It amazes me how tiny the seeds are and how huge the plants get! I am soooo ready for a good homegrown tomato to put on my bacon sandwich! Yumm Now I will go fix a pb&j sandwich and dream of summer.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Design Wall Monday

I am having a heck of a time with the backing for the deer quilt! It's just me, I think I still have Yuckiness brain or Nyquil brain or OMG my focus has slipped!!! Yip, that's it, my focus has slipped!

Here's the sad, pitiful story! I wanted to use up the last of the deer panels in the backing. So I framed it up to make it 12 1/2". Then I had the little rail blocks left over so I used them to frame up a couple of the bigger leftover chunks of the small deer print. Then I remembered I had cut pieces off another big print so I got those and framed them to size. I laid them all out, carefully calculating to get my filler pieces the right size so my length measured 88". Then I start to sew my block strip to my big piece of fabric, get almost halfway sewn and smack myself right in the middle of the forehead!

I forgot all about my extra fabric needed for the longarm and my careful calculations were now a waste of somewhat good brain matter. I took the block strip off, laid everything out on the bed, laid the top centered against the block strip and mark which pieces have to be moved where. Got that all sewn together and notice the bottom piece on the block strip has a seam was just about where the bottom of the quilt will hit it. So out comes the seam ripper and off comes the bottom 2 pieces. Directional fabric means I have to take the those 2 pieces apart and switch them to keep the seam away from the binding. I was done for the night and this is how I left the back so I will remember this morning how to fix it.

Send me positive vibes, I still have 2 more pieces of fabric to sew together for the final strip of the backing. I think I am getting out the tape measure again just to triple check the numbers. My seam ripper is tired!

Head over to Judy L's to see what others are working on. I love Mondays!