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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Where Did January Go?

I was shocked when I saw today is the last day of January. Who took January away from me? I had a very good quilting month. Two UFOs are marked off my list, I finished Sharon's quilt. That one was a challenge for me but it is finished and she will pick it up this weekend. Can you tell how much give there was? I had to do a lot of pushing and pulling to get most of the folds out. I didn't get them all, there are some frinkles on both the front and the back but I think that adds to the charm of Gramma's stitching. I quilted over most of the long stitches to hold them in place and hopefully fingers or toes won't get hooked up on them. I hope her cousin is happy with it.

I took out the depression blocks and started working the HSTs as leaders and enders for my Double Delight quilt (which has all the blocks finished and is ready to lay out and piece into a top). I used almost all of my pieces so I had to do a layout to see how far I was. And I wanted to look at it again! After doing some figuring, I decided to pull out more short strips from the 2 1/2" drawer and cut more HSTs. I will take it off the wall today and just keep working on those little HSTs, get a bag full and make more and more blocks. Maybe next time I put it on the wall, it will cover my queen size bed!

Today I am going to quilt a baby/momma quilt that I pieced at the last retreat. I thought I had a picture of it but I don't. I'll have to remember to take one when it's finished. I did put it on my UFO list because the top was finished last year-in November-and not quilted. Again, that's just how my mind works!


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Pieceful Afternoon said...

What a great quilt - I bet they are going to love it - such memories it holds.