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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Things to Think About

Here are a few things to think about. I'm talking to myself today.

1-Notice the photo, see the pin on the right? The point is sticking up. The pin on the left? It's been tucked into the batting. When you are happily stitching along and you forget to tuck that sharp little point down into the batting, you stab yourself in the thumb. It hurts, it bleeds. I didn't want to get blood on this quilt so I had to take a break.
2-When you take a break because you are bleeding, you need to come back to what you were doing. 16 hours is not a break! It's a whole new day. (May want to consider putting a box of bandaids beside the machine so you won't need a 16 hour break.)
3-When working on a quilt as you go, or any other quilt with sashing, you probably want to check that your blocks line up before you sew the sashing. If you do this, you won't have to spend quality time with your favorite seam ripper. Duh!
4-Don't go thinking you are going to have this quilt ready to stitch binding down today. You have 3/4 of a row of stitches to take out and you have 3 more rows and 2 more sashing strips to sew on. And you haven't even cut and pressed the binding yet.
5-Figure something else to take to work on today.
I'm going to take my Double Delight blocks to work on. I am loving this quilt and want to get it done but first, I have UFO #5 to work on. I can't wait to call this one DONE!
~TTFN, I've got stitches to take out.


Mike, Crystal, Peanut & Maemae said...

Band-aids are for sissies...hence the word "aids" being part of it.

Pieceful Afternoon said...

Good thinking - glad you shared. :-) I took a break one time and it lasted 3 1/2 months - now THAT'S a break.