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Monday, January 26, 2009

I Am A Shameless Procrastinator!

I really should be working on this quilt (it is a preprinted design) for my friend Sharon. Her old Auntie was hand quilting it for a granddaughter and didn't get if finished. Sharon brought it to me to see if I could quilt it and leave the stitching in. I said sure! I'll do just about anything for Sharon. Even this! (I should say that after hanging overnight, the wrinkles are no where near as bad as they look in this picture! Thank goodness)

The quilt was full of straight pins, huge safety pins and hair clips. Auntie had done quite a bit of quilting on it on all sides. So I pinned one edge to the take up roller and started to roll it on, back, poly batting and top. Ouch, there's a needle inside, oooohhh a pin I missed. I am having to clip some of the stitching to try to get some of the folds out. I just don't know how much to take out. So I will continue to roll it up, then reroll it to the backing roller. Then I will "quilt as desired" (I hate that term!) and hope she likes what I do.

Instead of working on the quilt, I have been working on journaling my quilt photos. I don't do fancy scrapbooking like Daughter Jenny does. I just opened a Word document, inserted a picture and wrote what I wanted. Then I printed it out, put it in a clear sleeve and into my notebook. I think now I will start saving my pages and have them printed out on nice cardstock at the copy place. Until then, I feel good about getting a few photos journaled.
Now I must work on that quilt!


Sue the KB said...

Did we get our DSL???? WoooHoooo!!! You are way more ambitious than I am today. I've had Jill for two days and I'm drained. *G* She can do that to ya!
Love ya
Sister Sue

Pieceful Afternoon said...

Neat quilt - I bet it will be appreciated. And congrats on getting some journaling done - always a big task.

Howdy said...

Nice that you are able to leave some of the previous quilting... it will be wonderful for the recipient to have some of the grandmothers stitches in the quilt.

You know I was looking through digital pictures the other day and ran across a few UFO's that I'd forgotten about... made me smile and I should pull them out and journal them too before I forgot when and why I made them. Good thing the digital pictures have a date on them... some I wasn't sure when I did them.

kjquilts said...

Great idea! I am going to consider this for my quilt journal!! Thanks!

mattresses said...

You should not be shameless like this.LOL.