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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Choices--How My Mind Works

How do you decide which project you are going to work on when you have a day dedicated to just sewing? Today, I had the day to myself-mostly.

I gave myself 3 choices: 1-the quilt the quilt on the frame that I am procrasting about-everything is ready to go, 2- UFO #22-the homespun blocks that I am not so thrilled with or 3-work on my Double Delight blocks and my leader and ender HSTs.

My choice today was easy. Today is Wednesday Sewing at Marian's. But there is no sewing today, she has company and I had to wait at home for the phone guy. We had planned to go shopping in Portland today but I had to pass. I really wanted to go too.

I didn't want to run the longarm, it's too noisy and sometimes I can't hear the phone ring--music might be too loud--or the dogs barking--could be the unwanted visitor and I don't want to go see. I didn't want to work on the homespun blocks so I picked the Double Delight--and it's all set up right by the machine.

And besides, if I were at Marian's today, I would be working on my DD.

So after a few hours of sewing, I have 33 blocks complete of my 50 needed. No, I didn't do all those today! I did finish 9 of them though. I have 6 more almost finished then I only need to finish the 11 double 9 patches. That will go fast. Maybe I'll just sew the rest of the day away.

I don't get to have DSL, I live too far outside of the circle. Alway looking in from the outside!!! So I will live with my pokie ole dial up, save money by not going satellite and be happy with it. And I will sew!


Pieceful Afternoon said...

Good girl - keep that chin up and sew sew sew sew. I feel your pain about living just outside the circle. Now that I have cable internet I don't know how I got along without it - but I guess we do what we have to do. Have fun stiching

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