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Thursday, January 22, 2009

A Post Full of Nothing

Judy over at Patchwork Times blogs today about having a "Nothing Blogworthy" week. I've had nothing blogworthy months before. I do feel bad for anyone that comes here expecting to find something new and exciting and all they find is the same old stuff. I'm trying to post more often but sometimes I just have days full of Nothing. Then there are the days when I don't shut up.

So here is a post full of nothing important. I am very excited about next Tuesday. I will be leaving the boring world of pokie ole dialup. I will come into the modern era with something they call Extended Range DSL. My box full of important equipment arrived yesterday so now I will wait patiently for the very nice guy to get here to install it. I know it will be a very nice guy because that is what I ordered. Really I did, I asked for a very nice guy, not the grumpy guy that hates his job.

I'm super excited about having a faster internet speed because right now I am waiting not so patiently for my email to down load. Someone forgot that I CANNOT accept supersized emails, meaning anything over 300KBs is too large. I seem to have one of the supersized messages coming my way because this will be my 2nd day of trying to download my emails to my computer. Even going into my servers webmail is not working because the big email is somewhere in cyberspace trying to get to my inbox. So I've read the important ones and am going to tie up my phone line this morning to get this taken care of. If that doesn't work, I'll be on the phone with my internet people. Oh yeah, I have people.

Yesterday was sewing day at Marian's. It was bittersweet because Sonya was home in bed trying to deal with her back pain and not dealing with it very well. We had a birthday party for Nadine and she loved the bag that was made for her. We make each other gifts for birthdays. So far we have been very sneaky and the recipient doesn't know what's going on. This time Nadine told us exactly what she wanted so that is what we did. She is an awesome lady and I'm glad I have such great friends to spend every Wednesday with.

I came home very ispired to get my sewing room organized and rearranged. I have been doing some work every day but then I sit down to sew for just a few minutes and that turns into a few hours. I'm working on my Double Delight mystery blocks. I think I have about half of the blocks sewn together and on the design wall and there are about 10 little square in a square blocks to trim. Baby steps on the boring stuff and it eventually will get done.

Today's big plans include loading a quilt on the frame, filling bobbins and laying out the pantograph. I might even get it quilted. Next of the list of quilting room stuff is to make the back for the string quilt that Crystal has laid claim to. I have a quilting list so it would be nice to mark 2 off the list this week. I have dinner planned, will do a quick dance with the vaccuum cleaner, a load or 3 of laundry, and keep an eye on the dogs. If the sunshines again today, I'll work on the leash traing of Tony. I forgot all the little details of puppy training. Ugh!

I guess I'll post this Post Full of Nothing, go find the number for my tech people and give them a call. 45 minutes should be enough to download email! Is it Tuesday yet?????????


Mike, Crystal, Peanut & Maemae said...

For a post full of nothing, that was alot to read!

Cherold said...

Judy, so glad you are getting DSL...I know when we did it made all the difference in the world!
Please tell Sonya she is in my thoughts and prayers...I know what she is going through.

Sue the KB said...

WoooooHooooo!!!! My sister's leaving the dial up world!! I'm happy for you, I know how much you hate that.

I feel your nothing days, I have nothing days all the time.

Love you... Sue

Pieceful Afternoon said...

What a nice "nothing" post - I like posts with lots to read in them.

Enjoy the DSL - you will think you are in heaven