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Saturday, January 24, 2009

How Cute is This?

Mr. Tony has learned to jump up into the big dad's chair. If you are sitting in this chair, get up and walk away, he jumps up there and looks at you as if he's saying HaHa. This is what I saw when I came out of the sewing room today. A Kodak moment--aka blog fodder.
Not much quilting has happened today. I started pinning the back to UFO #17 to the frame and then realized I had to hurry and get the big dog up to the groomers for his day of pampering. Then I came home, talked on the phone for a while and then started to finish pinning when my brother came over.
Oh Lordy, the guy is a pain, but I can't be mean to him so I sat and watched some tv with him--hubby is conveniently at a gun show today. We did watch CMT Cribs and they showed Charlie Daniels home and Craig Morgan's. Craig Morgan has a tv watching room full of animal heads (which is kind of cool in a creepy kind of way) and one of his chairs is a tree stand chair on one of the support pole things in the middle of the room. Hilarious! I can't wait to watch it again with hubby, cuz ya know I have to, Charilie Daniels and a hunting dude on one show--must see TV!
Anyhooo, I am going to work on the quilt now so I can post another UFO done.

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Cherold said...

Mr Tony is TOO cute! You have a lot of guts bringing up a puppy...not me...not ever again...she say...LOL