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Monday, March 10, 2008

Days 9, 10, 11

Day 9 brought more dust and noise. Those are good right? It seems the closer we get to being done, the less progress I see. One more trip to town to get the right plumbing stuff. The sink is in, the dishwasher is hooked up. I can get cold water and ice out of the fridge door. I can also lock it because it is quite a fun toy.

Day 10--Can this get any cuter??? Mr. Elliot is trying to put a screw in the screw driver and fix that darn drawer slider thing. Crystal and the kiddos came out to spend the day (yes Mike, we missed you!). Elliot is quite the helper. When you think something is safe, think again cuz he either has it or has had it. It's a good thing he has a short attention span.

Day 11--I spent a good deal of the day in the sewing room. I finished a little towel project for my sister, Karen and then started making more blocks to finish the quilt that is on my design wall. After a couple hours, I came out and almost started bawling! I can't believe this is my kitchen. It's been a long time dream, I never thought it would come true. I really am blessed and I am really spoiled and I like it!

Tomorrow I am going to get the tile for the backsplash and about 10 other little things on my list. I just realized I need to get a new garbage can.

I can't wait to get in there and get things put away. I still don't know where things go and will probably be searching for what I need. But I would rather be searching in drawers and cupboards that searching in boxes.

Thank Goodness Day 1 was only 11 days ago. If it had been longer, I would have lost it! Good thing I haven't been counting since the plan was drawn up. ;-)
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JENNY B said...

looks SOOOO great mom! can't wait to see it painted and with the tile up! Then you can start looking for those pantry cabinets to go over on the other wall!!!! hahaha!

Sue aka Your Highness Queen Granny :) said...

I can just see Gramma's little round face up there in heaven beaming with pride over her old kitchen! It is truly gorgeous Sis, and she would definitely have loved it.