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Saturday, March 01, 2008

Day 2--Fun Discoveries

We found newspaper underneath the old flooring. That had to be removed so the floor could be checked for level and can you believe it actually was!!! Anyhow, the paper is dated March 19, 1941. That's almost 67 years it's been under the floor.

There were some great sales happening. When I saw this shoe add, I knew I had to share it with my girls. They all love shoes and to get great Carlisle shoes like these for only $8.95, they would have been waiting for the doors to open at Meier & Frank! Well maybe not all my girls but I know 1 would have been there. The top picture is "New open toe spectator, with medium heel. Tan or black with white doeskin." Or maybe the "summer suede sling pum, open toe and back. Chili red, Brazilian beige, black". Or maybe the "new low heel black pump with the interesting scroll tongue".

Personally, I would have been waiting at the store (no name for this store--that part is missing) for the "New ELDREDGE Electric Sewing Machine". Special at only $44.85 plus your old machine. There is something about a walnut cabinet, latest attachments, free sewing lessons, handy sew-lite and of course there are easy terms.

I googled Eldredge sewing machines but didn't see anything for around the 1940s. I might have to hunt for one of these babies.

Progress today: Plumbing is being replaced, new light above the sink--only have a hanging lamp before, light switch, new outlets and wiring. floor is ready for cabinets and hopefully they start going in tomorrow.

I am feeling pretty special right now.
What's for dinner? We already had deep fried from Fargher Lake Store and I don't want that again for quite a while.
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Mike, Crystal, Elliot and Clella said...

Woo hoo for lighting and outlets. If I wasn't sick, I'd make a delicious dinner and bring it out to you, but I am so you're stuck getting it from BG. ~C