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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Day 5--A Bit More Progress

No picture today but I do have underlayment down almost ready for "flormica". That's what Joe calls formica and it makes me giggle whenever he says it.

I guess I should be thankful that each day brings us a little bit closer to the end of this project. I have waited patiently for my kitchen to be done. (I have too been patient!) I am thankful that this is only going to take a couple weeks and not over a year like my friend Jean's took.

Today I asked to have my washer and utility sink hooked back up. I had a growing pile of laundry and I couldn't do dishes in the bathroom one more time! So Joe got to work on finishing up the plumbing and got everything working again. I never thought I would be happy to do laundry but I am. I would rather be shot in the foot that go to the laundry mat!

After dinner, I headed out to the utility sink and got my dishes washed and dried then brought them back into the kitchen and put them away in the portable dishwasher! Joe says I should be able to put dishes in cabinets in a couple more days but I'm waiting until everything is done. I need time to think about where things are going.

So tonight is being spent folding clothes and putting them away. I know! That is so unlike me!
Now I am going to get ready to watch 2 of my favorite shows. Rob & Big (or Big & Rob) and The Biggest Loser. Yip, another exciting night at Gramma's house!

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