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Tuesday, January 05, 2010


I have a list of goals for January and now I get to mark one of them off! WaaHoo!

It's the little moments in my life that sometimes get me through the day. I mean silly, little moments. Like achieving a small goal that I set for myself. I have been sewing for a kabillion years and quilting for almost that long and I have never made a mitered corner! That is until today.

Next time I'll be a bit more careful with the fabric I choose but I decided to do the miters after the fabric was picked from the stash and cut. That's what happens when you use the design wall and pictures, you get to make different choices. Well I do anyhow!

So now that I have marked on my goal list, I need to get out of here and head to JoAnns to see what's on sale and what I can't live without--I need needles and then go to the quilt shop to buy special fabric for a special little boy. And hopefully get it used so I can stay in the + column on my stash report. I tell myself it isn't about the + or -, it's about how much fabric I use is a year. OK, whatever, it's about the winning the game with myself and that's means it's about the +.


fancystitching said...

Way to go, Judy! Your miters DO look very nice on that fabric, and although they take longer to do, they really are not that hard. Great for venturing into untried territory!

Morah said...


Mrs Quilty said...

Wow and it's only Jan 5....good job achieving a goal! Mitered corners are NOT easy!! I'm proud of you!!