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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Finished Projects

Last week at our Wednesday sewing group was Marian's birthday party. Me, being me, had it written on the wrong week so I didn't take her birthday gift. Marian had asked for blocks that were roller skating related. She was an award winning artistic roller dancer in her younger years. So I thought I would do an applique block. It was so horrid, it ripped, sewed, ripped and wadded it up and threw it in the fire! Then I got a brain storm and decided to make blocks with words that mean something to Marian. After talking with another friend, I had a list of dances that Marian did. After I got started, I just kept making them and ended up with 12 6" blocks. Today I took her the blocks. She loved them. Yeah!

Here is my fabulous hat model. She wasn't in the mood to model her latest hat, instead she put it on her foot. Then it became a game until.........

Peek A Boo!!

I really do have the cutest hat model ever.
Now I'll go back to my unfinished project........

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Diane said...

Great quilt block idea. and yes that hat model of yours is too cute-and she knows how to work that camera--or is it the camera-gramma! have fun.